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Big Sur: Your private beach. For free.

Yours for the walking. One hour. Two and a half miles along a bluff overlooking the Pacific; down a winding unmarked trail to a really beautiful beach. Walk to the end. Get brave for a few seconds, time the waves, wade around the rocks. All yours.
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Pass the corn. Hold the butter.

Love fresh corn on the cob but don't want the butter or salt? Try one of these: Chili-Lime Corn Gloss or Mustard Lemon Dressing. Whisk up three ingredients in two minutes. Get a super flavorful sauce that brings out the sweetness of summer corn without overpowering it.
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Ripe Now: Tomatoes. Bake a Cake.

Nothing much better than a great tomato. We're loving them daily, so sometimes you just have to do something to keep it interesting. Here's an easy, make-ahead recipe for a substantial and thoroughly delicious meal for less than five dollars: Tomato-Onion Polenta Layer Cake.
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Garden Watch #6: Green Beans & Cukes

Here's a great salad that just happened one day. The garden made me do it. It was time to pick the first green beans. A bunch of cucumbers were ready, too. I brought a bunch into the kitchen and remembered we had some feta cheese in the fridge. And then I did this.
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Slower Sunday: 150 Seconds in Kauai

A two and a half-minute vacation. 150 seconds in slow motion. A good Sunday pace. Look at a breathtakingly beautiful place. And do nothing else. It's just a couple of minutes. And it's Sunday. Just press Play.
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Pineapple Upside Down Cake

This was all set to be a totally seasonal, local peach upside down cake until yesterday's virtual hike on the Nu'Alolo trail put me in a Hawaii state of mind. Here's an incredibly delicious dessert, brunch or breakfast that works just as well with the season's peaches, nectarines, plums and berries.
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Walk To The Very Edge:The Nu’alolo Trail

A beautiful, free 7.5-mile walk. Three hours outdoors; three hours outside the routines of your mostly indoor life. Let this be an example of three or four hours well spent and a thousand or so calories burned.
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Pizza: Caramelized Farm Squash & Onions

This caramelized squash & onion pizza is a perfect example of Better being Cheaper. It's not just that it's a great under-$2 pizza. It's a great pizza, period. A summer squash, an onion, some grated cheese, and 34 cents worth of crust.
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