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Tomato Pudding Cake

I'm happy to eat my tomatoes straight. Maybe a little salt and olive oil. But for a dish that's not "just" a sliced tomato, this is wonderful in your mouth. The perfect balance of sweet and tart from the perfect tomato. With the rich, light feel of a soufflé.
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Mint-Lemon Pudding Cake: Perfect Now

Big, refreshing, mouth-filling flavor. Not too tart or sweet. Amazingly light but luxurious and rich. Your first bite seems completely familiar and completely new. Part airy, moist cake. Part silky light pudding. Best summer dessert I've had in a very long time.
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Sesame Grilled Eggplant. Indoors or out.

Smoky eggplant coated and infused with a sauce that's creamy but creamless. Luscious and mellow. A little sweet. A little spicy.Very big flavor, very satisfying and pretty light. Grill it indoors or out.
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A Vegan Walks into a BarBQ: Corn Edition

Love fresh corn on the cob but don't want to butter-coat it? Try this Chili-Lime Corn Gloss. Whisk up three ingredients in two minutes. Get a wildly flavorful sauce that brings out the sweetness of summer corn without overpowering it.
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The Way to Great Sauces: Grate Tomatoes

I didn't forget how to spell. I just remembered where my grater was. It's the tool to use for a fresh tomato sauce that's perfect for ripe and beyond-ripe late summer tomatoes. Here it is with three flavor variations from Italy, Spain and Morocco.
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Slow Balls for your Pitcher. Of sangria.

Slow to lose their cool. In your pitcher or your glass. Where your sangria is Slower to lose its fruit flavor. Slower to intoxicate you on a hot day. It's all in the ice balls. Or cubes. Fresh frozen fruit juice and zest.
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Raita Popsicles: cooler than cool

Raita is a refreshing yogurt dip that's usually served with spicy Indian foods. It cools things down. When you freeze it in a popsicle mold, things get turned around. And really cool. Now it's something you dip in your mouth. Something delicious and refreshing on its own.
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Pop Culture Week: Adult Rated

Deep, dark, delicious. Enough sugar to be slightly sweet, not bitter. 50 cents and 23 calories per pop. I have no idea why I never made these before. Four minutes to make a batch. Four hours to freeze them. Then lick away!
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Pop Culture Week: Mint-Melon Delight

Get a really ripe melon. So sweet you won't even think about adding sugar. Not even to offset the cool of the mint and the kick of the ginger. A truly sweet and wonderfully refreshing Way to start or finish a meal on a hot day.
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Summer Salad Pizza

A big salad posing as a pizza. A huge mound of exceptionally fresh, colorful, flash-baked radicchio, leek, sweet pepper and cucumber on a hot, fresh pizza crust. Another example of pizza crust as the perfect platform for almost everything fresh and tasty. Dinner for two for $2.
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