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An App for the Great Pumpkin Pie

The pumpkin pie for everyone who'd really rather be digging into an apple pie. So many flavors in the warm, soft spiced pumpkin-apple puree. All of your taste buds are working overtime. Even before the buttery, flaky pie crust melts in your mouth.
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Cauliflower: Try A Little Tenderness

A little steam + a little surface heat = sweet, earthy, tender and juicy with a fine layer of almost caramelized crispness. If you were a head of cauliflower, this is the Way you'd want to be treated.
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Pop Corn & Beans. The Smart Munch. Pop.

$3 for a huge bowl (11 cups!) of the best, sweetest, light and crisp popcorn and crisp & creamy fried chickpeas. High in complete protein. Zero in anything bad. But, still, don't eat the whole bowl yourself.
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Sweet & Savory: Apple-Chard-Bacon Tart

So delicious it's a revelation. $5 for the whole sweet, savory, herbaceous, smoky, buttery thing. A complete meal for two. Lots of Vitamins A, C and K. I just ate half of it for dinner. Totally satisfying. I'd eat the other half for breakfast.
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Good and Stuffed: Chiles Rellenos

When my CSA farm share came with a bunch of truly beautiful looking poblano peppers, I knew what the leftover polenta, squash and salsa verde in the fridge were meant for. Wildly flavorful, low calorie stuffed peppers with big doses of Vitamin C.
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An Almost Classic Apple Tarte Tatin

Beautiful, luscious, light. Sweet, but not too. Deep, dark and bright all at once. Way to be. Exercise a little self control and you'll have leftovers for a killer breakfast.
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Fall Slaw: Changing Color & Temperature

Festive Fall Cole Slaw. Some green, some red. Shred a carrot for some orange. Toss with near-zero-calorie Lemon-Mustard Dressing. Serve cold with hot dogs during Indian Summer. Warm it up with a roast when things cool down.
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Mushrooms On The Run

Actually, right after the run. Savory, sweet, herbaceous, bright and juicy. Thoroughly satisfying but very light. You'll be delighted to have these in your mouth any time. Truly wonderful after a nice run or walk. Almost as great while you're just thinking about one.
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Columbus’ New World Pizza

Here's a great Way to celebrate the great explorer tomorrow. The Indians of South and Central America cultivated corn and peppers. Columbus brought them back to the Old World. Bet this could have been a big hit in Spain's 16th-century tapas bars.
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