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Chicken-Coconut Soup, sweetly spiced

A bright, refreshing but very warm party in your mouth. No signs of Spring where I live, so I'm making soup this week. Starting with this south by southeast Asian Chicken-Coconut Soup. Inhale. All the Way. You won't get stoned, but you'll be transported.
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Always seasonal, aromatic and delicious

A Spinach Tart for a rich but light lunch, brunch or dinner. Bright and herbaceous. Aromatic and delicious. More than a day's worth of Vitamin A and a load of Vitamin C. A great reward for very little preparation.
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Short Rib Shortcakes: Leftover Guilt

Spectacularly luscious. The quick flash of guilt was a too-good-to-be-true moment. But your mouth doesn't lie. There it is. Truth on your tongue. Click just to see the photo. Unless you're a vegetarian, you want to take a bite out of your screen.
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No-Sodium Soda Pop: Banana-Strawberry

Back in the BCS Soda Lab again. Looking for a delicious all-natural soda with no sodium and no added sugar. And a lot of potassium. Here it is. If your only requirement is great flavor, this one's for you, too.
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Better Carbs: Pasta, Potato, Pesto

Pasta with potatoes? Yup. Delicious. Tossed with basil pesto and green beans. High pleasure, low-moderate Glycemic Load. Double carbs without a belly fat warning? How does that work? Click to find out.
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Let’s Do The Math

Knocking off 100 calories a day is enough to stop weight gain for most of us. That's a brisk 15-minute walk. Or a can of Coke. Let's see: a couple of pounds a year. For a decade. Or two. Or three. What's that - plus 60 pounds from age 20 to age 50? Yeah.
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Pineapple glazed, roasted & ready

For dessert. What a Way to finish a meal. Sweet and tart. Refreshing and satisfying. And it counts as a full fruit serving. If I were a bettin' man, I'd bet you'll lick your plate.
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Valentine’s Day: Explosion in your mouth

Balsamic "Caviar". Glistening, pearl-like spheres of flavor. That explode on your tongue. And nothin' says loving' like a few in-mouth explosions. Serve them on strawberry slices. Sounds romantic. Looks cool. Tastes great. Definitely a conversation piece.
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