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A Teapot for Every Chicken

Juicy, smoky, aromatic chicken. All succulence and satisfaction. Zero Glycemic Load. Two minutes of active preparation. Three ingredients. You really have to try this.
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A Little Science to Lower Carb Calories

I'm a carb guy so I'm loving this. Amazingly simple, no-cost Ways to lower the Glycemic Load and calories of potatoes, pasta and - now - rice, too. Unless you're on some kind of paleo diet, you really should read this.
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Springtime for Asparagus & Farro

Spring on a plate. A perfectly delicious Way to get a perfectly healthy meal into your diet. High-protein whole grain. Barely cooked vegetables. Almost makes itself in 25 minutes. A light, bright, satisfying meal with big flavors.
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Cinco de Mayo: Grilled Cheese with Salsa

A flavor bomb that'll make you smile. A totally delicious meal-in-a-sandwich to celebrate the just-ended National Grilled Cheese Month and today, Cinco de Mayo. For $1.50. You really should make this.
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Cinco de Mayo Salsa Pizza

Salsa verde to replace the traditional tomato sauce. Cilantro instead of basil. And some fresh corn, peppers and grape tomatoes because it's Cinco de Mayo. A $2.50 pizza that's cause for celebration on any date.n
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The Chef’s Special Sauce for Burgers

If the words "special sauce" fill you with visions of Big Macs, you're excused. Here's a better vision: Michelin 3-star chef Daniel Boulud's Sauce Diable. Made from ketchup, mustard, A1, Worcestershire and Tabasco. Really. Tasting is believing.
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Orange Pudding Cake. Envy of creamsicles

Big, mouth-filling flavor. Just sweet enough to be dessert. Not too sweet to be breakfast. Amazingly light but luxurious and rich. Better than your best memory of orange creamsicles. If creamsicles knew this was a possibility, they would have changed career paths.
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Asparagus-Spring Onion Frittata

A perfect meal in a pan. Early Spring asparagus and onions. Really fresh eggs and goat cheese. For dinner on a still cool night, eat it warm. For lunch, let it cool to room temperature. A few minutes of chopping and stirring. One suspenseful second of flipping.
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Sauce for Spring: Romesco

In Spain, it goes on vegetables, meat, chicken and fish. It's a full-bandwidth sauce. A huge range of flavors spreading across your tongue. Deep flavors that make you pay attention and eat Slower. Mild or spicy. Your choice.
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