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Spring Garlic: Bread & Flan

A magical combination of garlic bread and garlic custard in one dish. Rich but light. Deeply flavorful. Wildly fragrant. Completely satisfying. The centerpiece of a vegetarian meal. Or a side that turns a simple grilled fish or meat dish into an amazing meal.
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Spinach in Barcelona

They make it with raisins and pine nuts. It's delicious. The strong, slightly bitter flavor of the dark green leaves combines with the sweetness of the raisins and pine nuts to make one of those perfect flavor combinations you've never tasted before. It's time.
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Chicken-Bacon-Sage: Let’s roll

A smoky, herbaceous, juicy, high-protein chicken dish. With a glycemic load of exactly zero. Beautiful to look at. Intoxicating to inhale. Even Better to chew slowly and savor.
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Asparagus Lemon Tart

Strange-sounding but great-looking and even-better-tasting. A rich but light, intensely flavorful savory-sweet tart. A big, bright serving of Springtime. $6 for the complete tart that serves 4.
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Asparagus. Basil. A poached egg.

A luxurious brunch or light supper. This isn't just about fresh, seasonal and oh-so-good-for-you. This is delicious. And easy. A party in your mouth with a glycemic load of exactly zero. Ten minutes flat to make it.
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Spinach Tart. So seasonal. So local.

Less than $2 per serving for a rich but light lunch, brunch or dinner. Bright and herbaceous. Aromatic and delicious. More than a day's worth of Vitamin A and a load of Vitamin C. A great reward for very little preparation.
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Head back. Open wide. This won’t hurt.

Almost surely will help. Whether you're trying to prevent weight gain or cavities. The new "Oral Health and Nutrition" report is out. Eat much less sugar. Eat much more fruits, vegetables, whole grains and high-quality protein.
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Calorie Math: Applied vs. Theoretical

New research shows that when a menu lists calories, nobody cares. But when a menu shows the calorie equivalent in exercise time, people order and eat less. That's why I've been Doing The Math for you.
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Yogurt or Coke for breakfast? A quiz.

Unless you're eating "plain" yogurt, your fruit, coffee or vanilla yogurt has just as much sugar as a can of Coke. As much added sugar in a little 6-ounce yogurt cup as you get in an 8-ounce bottle of Coke. 100 calories from sugar, the worst kind of calories.
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