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Old hippies look both ways.
Backward and Forward

OK, we got some of the details wrong, but we were onto something. Love wasn't really all you need, but look how important you think it is now. Pretty important, ya think? Take a look at this health data that shows how and why you actually do get by a lot better with a little help from your friends.
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80 Ways: Finger food can save the world

80 Ways. You can count them on the fingers of, well, 16 hands. You might want to invite some friends over for this. Now, if you use forks, spoons and knives, raise your hands. OK. Now, use them instead. Here's why you should. Eat with your hands.
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The Walks That Ate Your Waist

If you really want to lose weight - and keep it off - your best bet really is walking. At a moderately brisk pace. Every day - not just the occasional adventure or sightseeing tour. Here's how and why.
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Marvao: The View From The Castle

1,000' above the valley and a thousand years old. Castle walls that protected the villagers for a millennium. Today's Way is a Time Travel. A two-mile walk through the centuries. In Portugal. You should know about this.
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Saving Daylight: The Links

It's Better than Cheaper. It's Free. So ask not how daylight can save you. Ask how you can save daylight. And consider these answers. For Slower conversion of daylight to tomatoes, Vitamin D and night light.
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Best Last-Minute Gift: BCS Gift Subscription

Gotta be the healthiest $10 gift around. And it's on a 365-day time release. Cheaper than a card for our planet. In carbon footprint terms, a year of BCS costs the planet less than one Christmas card from Hallmark and the Post Office. Better Cheaper Slower.
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Resources: Cookbooks

From people who really know. How to cook. Great cookbooks from six writers and cooks who are among the greatest. For six very different reasons. For six very different people on your gift list.
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The Gift of the Future

Totally free, totally clean, totally cool energy. The Little LED Lantern That Could. And the D.Light: a tiny, bright emergency backup system that charges your phone. Both spend the day sunbathing, converting and storing sunlight.
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Resources: Thought For Food

Eating's better than reading about eating. But you'll always eat good stuff - and never eat bad stuff - if you read and think about what these folks have been writing. My holiday guide to Michael Pollan, M.F.K. Fisher and Wendell Berry.
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Smart Resolution #2: Light Years Ahead

Every year at this time I tell you about the state of the art and prices of LED light bulbs. This year, the Better Cheaper trend ramped up at the speed of light. With a feature that just might be the game-changer for you. For me, it's a real price-value breakthrough.
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