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The Point of Observation: Seeing Zion

From Observation Point in Zion National Park, you almost sense geological time. You see how a meandering river spent ten million years cutting through thousands of feet of sandstone and limestone. Carving the contours of massive geological features.
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Seven Mile Hole

The Yellowstone hike that has it all. Cliffs and mountainsides. Meadows where you expect to see bison. Forests. Wide-open moonscapes with bubbling, steaming geothermal pots. Wildly colorful canyon walls. And the view from the bottom of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River. Right alongside the great rushing river.
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Your Monday #15: On your own two feet

A 1-minute exercise to strengthen and train the muscles you use to stay on your feet. A dynamic balance exercise you can do on a balance board or a pillow. Summer's coming: time to get ready for surfing.
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Slower Sunday: April Showers

I used to think they were only good for May flowers. But when you stop to look at them, these raindrops are pretty good looking. Maybe even mesmerizing if you just let yourself go for a minute. And you should. So Press Play.
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Vacation Plan: Limited Time Offer

If you're in shape to hike around Glacier National Park, do it while the glaciers are still there. If you're not - get in shape. Before 2025, when the massive glaciers will disappear, completely. Right now, click and gasp.
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Scaling castle walls in Portugal

What a great walk. Right on top. Right along the edge. Of a 9th century Moorish castle. And a romantic 19th century palace. Both in the World Heritage Site of Sintra, Portugal. Three or four hours. Five miles. 1,800 calories. Burned.
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Vegan Picadillo, sausage optional

A seriously delicious Way to get a high-protein vegetarian dish into your diet. It's got it all: earthy, sweet, salty, bright and smoky. Light but substantial and satisfying. Or a great Way for omnivores to limit meat consumption to meat-as-condiment proportions.
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Ahi Papaya Ceviche

A great meal for two for five minutes and ten dollars. The bright, tart lime juice lightens the rich, meaty flesh of the tuna and papaya. The mint's cool. The ginger and pepper very, very warm. Eat it very, very slowly. Really. Use chopsticks.
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Your Monday #14: Upward

Let's start the week loose. Comfortable. Flexible. Because flexible muscles make everything easier and less tiring. Today's Way'll relax and stretch your core muscles. All of them. Make them feel and function better.
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