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Walk The Walk

I've always thought walking is its own reward. But if you need some spectacular ends to justify the means, Press Play. There's only one Way to get here.
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Free candy. Candied orange peel slices.

Waste not, want not. Save those orange peels and make this great sweet snack. Sweet and tart at the same time. Hey, serve it at midnight with Champagne. Very sophisticated. And free.
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Smoky, crisp chickpea snacks

Garbanzos fritos. The best bar snack in town. They're addictive. They're cheap and easy. Refried chickpeas lightly coated with pimentón. $2 for a superior snack laced with protein, iron and Vitamins B and C. Enough for four snackers.
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Better Cheaper finger food. The tastiest, healthiest slider at the party. Intensely flavorful. Vividly colorful. One beet makes twenty. Twenty cents of ingredients makes one. Ten minutes of your time makes twenty of them.
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Slower Christmas Card. All aboard.

Take a ride under the Christmas tree. Just Press Play. They'll suck you right into their own little world. Everything else goes silent. Out of sight. Out of mind. You pay attention to just one thing at a time. Merry Christmas.n
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Ginger Snaps: Smells like Holiday Spirit

For about $4.25 in ingredients and 12 minutes of your time, you get five or six dozen of the best cookies ever. And something that's in the running for Best Homemade Christmas Gift Ever. Bake a dozen. Give the rest of the dough as a gift that keeps on baking.
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The Walk That Ate London

December 23, 2011. It's always a great walking city. 'Tis specially great the night before Christmas and all through the holidays. Everybody's stirring and everything's lit. Beautifully.This is a Walk in three acts. With breakfast, lunch and dinner intermissions. Do…

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Raclette: The cheese that parties!

The $4 per person dinner party. Entertainment included. Melts onto your plate and in your mouth. So much fun it's hard to imagine this comes from Switzerland.
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