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Slower Sunday: Rose options

You probably already sent Mom some roses. But just in case, I have an idea. You could send her a link to these virtual roses. She won't even have to log in. It's Mother's Day. It's on me. Just Press Play.
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Slower Sunday: Turn sideways

Sometimes you have this moment where you wonder what you got yourself into. And that next moment where you wonder how you're going to get out.
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Slower Sunday: April Showers

I used to think they were only good for May flowers. But when you stop to look at them, these raindrops are pretty good looking. Maybe even mesmerizing if you just let yourself go for a minute. And you should. So Press Play.
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Slower Sunday: Watch your step

While you're looking up in the trees for monkeys, you could totally miss what's happening down there. The most complex society on the planet, except ours. Maybe. Pressing Play is believing.
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Slower Sunday: Where am I?

If I hadn't driven here on a familiar highway and followed the trail map down into the canyon ... if I just woke up and found myself here ... I don't think I'd be so sure I was here on planet Earth.
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Slower Sunday: Easter Parade

Parade with your friends. Parade by yourself. Did you know that a half-hour of brisk parading burns all the calories in an ounce of chocolate? That's a whole chocolate bunny ear. Solid, not hollow. The large size.
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Slower Sunday: Thanks for the memories

Yellow's not my favorite color, but when this happens each year I really get why the happy face symbol is always colored yellow. Makes me happy. The forsythia, not the emoji.
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