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Slower Sunday: Not Too Bright

Not dark. Just right. This is what you want to see when you open your eyes. You hear the surf, you stumble out of bed, you feel the sand between your toes. You give your eyes a minute to adjust. C'mon. Press Play. Give 'em a minute. This minute.
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Slower Sunday: Uni-Tasking

No distractions. No thinking allowed. Pure physical experience. Pure motion through space. No rush at all. Press Play and go to the edge with me.
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Slower Sunday: Super Slow

You wanna know what Slow is? I'll show you what Slow is. And I'm not talking about the Super Bowl pre-game show. Press Play for the definition of Slow.
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Slower Sunday: Don’t Resist

I know sometimes it's hard to slow down on Sunday. Hard to resist your daily life in the fast lane. It can take an ocean's worth. Of resistance. Press Play for a recommendation.
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Slower Sunday: A Message for the Future

Carved in stone. No shortcuts with this technology. No, you probably didn't carve it in stone unless you really had something important to say. Like, well, you'll have to Press Play for this.
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The Sands of Time. Between My Toes.

It's that time of year when everything conspires to make you think about time. But I have to admit, I'm thinking less about time and more about sand. Where my would like to be. Press Play, put your feet up and let your toes watch.
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Slower Resolutions

Slower resolutions. Think about years. Think about a year ago. If you started then, you'd be there now. Wherever your there is. So take this next year to do something you'd really like to do. No rush.
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