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Slower Sunday: A Theory of Color

My theory is that it's good for you. Intense sensory stimulation. Has to be great exercise for your eyes, especially when the color's this big. Visual heavy lifting. Press Play. Start here, just for practice. Then go out for the real thing.
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Flower. Power. Happy Mother’s Day

Still wondering what to do for Mom today? You still have two good choices. Bring some flowers to Mom. Or bring Mom to some flowers. But if neither one of these works for you this year, here's a third choice. Send Mom a link to these flowers.
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Slower Sunday: It’s About Time

This might be the reason to garden. You get to see everything come back to life every year. It's very reassuring. Makes you feel good about next year. And the next one. Get outside and take a walk through time. It only looks like this for a few weeks. Every year.
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Slower Sunday: Garden of Frills

You can balance an arrangement on your head and be a parade. Or you can find an early spring garden and just ... look. Press Play for a minute of just looking. To help you decide. Happy Easter
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Slower Sunday: Can’t wait

A few hundred miles north of here, where I live, it's still all promise, no blossoms. But if you just can't wait that extra week or two, you can come down here.
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Slower Sunday: In Awe

When it comes to good health benefits, research shows that the feeling of awe is more powerful than joy, pride, contentment and other positive emotions. Try some. Press Play.
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