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Slower Sunday: Forest or Trees?

When you're in the forest, you're surrounded. No losing sight of it. But you might miss everything the trees offer. Each one is its own world. When you're in the rainforest, it's extreme. A whole forest's worth of stuff in each tree. Press Play. You'll see.
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Slower Sunflower

Eyes wide open? Good. Today we'll just watch. No talk. Because this must be good for your eyes. And maybe more. Press Play. Happy Sunday.
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Slower Sunday: Gone Wishin’

I don't fish. But if I did, this would be my favorite place. Hard to imagine a more spectacular place for it. Or a more secluded place. Press Play for a completely relaxing one-minute vacation. You'll wish you were here.
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Slower Sunday: Expanding Universe

If it's really expanding, why isn't my apartment getting bigger? Maybe I missed something in that physics course. It's Sunday. Let your mind wander. Even if it doesn't expand.
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Slower Peach Sundae

We got so many in our farm share I'm gonna make a pie with some. But I thought you'd like to see them like this, before I start to slice them up. Press Play. It'll make you go the Farmers Market and buy a basket. Great thing to do on a Sunday.
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Slower Sunday: Tomato Watching

They are good looking. And getting to look at them is another perfectly good reason to grow them. A perfectly good thing to do on a Sunday. Press Play. Maybe you'll think about growing some next year.
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