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Slower Sunday: Open house

1-floor walk-up, fixer-upper. 4 rooms. Floor to ceiling windows. Good closet space. Canyon views. Walk to work. Whaddya think? Press Play to view.
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Slower Sunday: Walk by water

What a place to wake up and take a slow morning walk. Any day. Especially Sunday morning. Early. When it's a little like sleep-walking. Happy Sunday.
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Slower Sunday: Wired

They had tiny electrodes sewn into a baseball cap attached to each of the subjects' heads. The caps wirelessly transmitted brain wave data to computers in their backpacks. Wild idea, huh?
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Even the fastest go Slower Sunday

I wonder how they got it to go so slow. Because there could be a good lesson here. You spend your life trying to be the fastest. Until one Sunday, you just slow down. Seeing is believing. Press Play.
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Slower Sunday. But Steady.

The Triathlon's a killer. You swim a mile. You run 6. Everything in moderation. Like that study, about how you live longer if you run regularly. And how the slower runners, the joggers, live even longer than the fast runners. Slow but steady. Press Play. See the Way.
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