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Slower Sunday: It’s Not About You

It's not easy being ... you. So if this holiday weekend's been all about being the you that pleases everyone else, here's a Way to get away from ... you. And you get a pizza as a bonus. Just for you.
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Slower Sunday: I like them up here

Just last week, there were a lot more leaves up here. And a lot fewer down there, on the ground. They went from green to yellow to copper to brown on the ground. Makes you wonder.
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Slower Sunday: Sittin’ on the dock

Me and the pelican, we were both watchin' the tide roll away. Wastin' time. I remember it. Clearly. Must have been a Sunday. Press Play. You have a minute to waste. C'mon, it's Sunday. Whistle along with us.
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Slower Sunday: Patchwork

The walk through the patch to find the perfect pumpkin is a pretty perfect thing to do on a Sunday. This Sunday. I think this is the one. Little blemish, but great shape. Ya think?
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Slower Sunday: No hands, no cavities

You look at your apple and you think, how hard could this be? Then you open your mouth, you bend over and you think, hey, how is this even possible? If you haven't done it for a while, you'll need some practice. And a face towel.
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Slower Sunday: Above the tree line

Sometimes you hike for miles, all uphill, and you can't see the forest for the trees. Or the range for the mountains. So you trust your trail. To get you above it all. Where it all becomes clear. What a refreshing perspective.
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Slower Sunday: Hang Time

I'm thinking about being a grape. Just hanging out in the late summer sun. Getting ready to be a drop or two in a great glass of wine. Is that too ambitious for a Sunday?
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