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Slower Sunday: Instant Mother’s Day Gift

You probably already sent Mom some roses. But if you haven't done anything yet, I have an idea. You could send her a link to these virtual roses. She won't even have to log in. It's Mother's Day. It's on me. Just Press Play.
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Slower Sunday: Faithful

Like clockwork. Just check the posted schedule. Take a seat a few minutes early ... just in case. No real suspense. You already know the story. But when it actually erupts, well, it's exciting. Press Play for proof. Happy Sunday.
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Slower Sunday: Easter Parade

Parade with your friends. Parade by yourself. Did you know that a half-hour of brisk parading burns all the calories in an ounce of chocolate? That's a whole chocolate bunny ear. Solid, not hollow. The large size.n
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Slower Sunday: Sticky fingers

You don't really think about it. You don't think about anything at all. You just squeeze and pull and squeeze and pull. For a few minutes, there's nothing else going on in your world. A messy mind meld. You've achieved pizza mind.
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