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Ripe Now: Tomatoes & Corn

This looks, smells and tastes more like Summer than anything I can think of. For a few weeks, this is the world's best reason to spend less time in the kitchen and more time in the garden. Or the Farmers Market.
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Born To Be Wild: Eat your flavonoids

The benefits of just-picked herbs like basil go way beyond the flavor and aroma sensations. You get true luxury foods for near-zero cost. They transform plain dishes into vibrant, special meals. And there's a wildly powerful nutrition benefit, too.
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@Home Winter Garden

The most amazing thing I've seen in a while. I grew a salad in my kitchen - in 16 days. In Winter. In New York. In this AeroGarden thing. Seeing is believing. Click for the photos.
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Smart Resolution #2: Grow

My little lettuce patch on the kitchen counter is a source of great pleasure and satisfaction. When it's a source of salad, the salad delivers a a layer of satisfaction that's unique to eating something you've grown. Resolve now. Buy seeds soon. Plant later.
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Thinking About Mother’s Day

A Better Slower Mother's Day. Economical, too. Cheaper just doesn't sound right. You have five days to get this together. Be thoughtful. Something to do? Something to eat? Something to use? Something to plant? Some thoughts.
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Get dirty. Plant something.

It's time. March. Then April. Then the showers bring May flowers. And July tomatoes and herbs. I just picked the last leaves on last year's basil plant that's been withering on the kitchen windowsill. I'll plant this year's crop at the end of next month. C'mon, plant something.
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The Gift of Growing

Fresh herbs. They take so little. They give so much. Whether you're a veteran herb gardener or you can't remember the last time you touched actual soil, you should do this for yourself or someone you love. Because the growing is as good as the eating. And the eating's great.
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Time for your inner farmer. Time to decide what you're planting and growing this Spring. And time to make the big mid-Winter decision. Start from seed? Or wait for a jump-started little plant from the local nursery or Farmers Market?
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Garden Watch: Summer Solstice 2012

On the first day of summer, my first raspberry turned true red. Tiny green tomatoes are hanging everywhere. The beanstalk's outgrown its trellis. The cucumber's not far behind.
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