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Sands of Time

To be honest, I've been thinking about sand a lot more than I've been thinking about time. Time for sand between my toes. Black lava sand. In Hawaii. Press Play. Close your eyes. Wiggle your toes. Happy New Year. One at a time.
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Slower Resolutions

Slower resolutions. Think about years. Think about a year ago. If you started then, you'd be there now. Wherever your there is. So take this year to do something you'd really like to do. No rush.
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The Year On The Trail: 2017

Started the year out on the edge, finished out in the cold. Now's the time for the resolution: be in shape to hike or run more trails in 2018. Press Play for Persuasion.
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Warm, soft, sweet. Low GL. Last Call.

Molten Chocolate Cake. The last course of the last meal of the year. Out with a bang. A warm, soft semi-sweet one with a super-low glycemic load. Spectacular in your mouth, with or without Champagne.
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Eating 2017: 80 Ways Around The World

80 Ways to eat very, very well. 80 recipes based on traditional cuisines around the globe. The world's greatest hits. From places and times that never heard of diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease epidemics. If you missed out on some of these in 2017, well, it's almost time to make your resolutions for 2018. Bon voyage. Bon app├ętit.
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Built For Comfort

I am totally into comfort. During winter, I'm totally into warmth and comfort. So when I heard about these new Built For Comfort ski boots, I thought they might be the skier's ultimate wish fulfillment. And they are. If you're even thinking about skiing, think about these.
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Slower Sunday: How many angels?

About 50. Plus 30 cherubs. Not on the head of a pin. No, they're all up a tree in New York this month. At the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Press Play. And have a beatific Sunday.
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Longevity: The Gift That Keeps Giving

The evidence is overwhelming. Regular walking and running is closely associated with longer, healthier lives. So how do you help somebody start a good habit? Heck, how do you get yourself to start doing it? I have some thoughts and gifts for you.
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Better Cheaper Slimmer: Guts and Butts

Here's a 15-minute exercise routine that gives you strength and aerobic benefits while it burns calories and prepares you for extended aerobic exercise and optimal belly fat burning. Work your Way up to this, gradually and comfortably. Simple indoor exercises. No equipment required.
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