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Winter Tabbouleh. Oh, K. Salad Lessons.

It's "just" a warm salad, but it comes with two important lessons. First, how to eat seasonally when it seems like a lot of delicious things aren't in season. Second, how to get enough Vitamin K to maintain your bone health.
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Dumbbell or needle? Roll up your sleeves

Roll up one for a flu shot? Or both and get some exercise? Revving up your heart rate during aerobic exercise also revs up your immune response. So exercise is probably your best bet for reducing sick time throughout the Fall-Winter cold season.
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Slower Sunday: How many angels?

About 50. Plus 30 cherubs. Not on the head of a pin. No, they're all up a tree in New York this month. At the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Press Play. And have a beatific Sunday.
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Flash-Roasted Prosciutto Chips

If you like prosciutto, you'll love prosciutto chips. Like prosciutto turned up to eleven. Super-concentrated flavor and aroma when what's in your mouth is more like air. 5 minutes to prepare. Friends and family will be amazed.
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Mild. Near the Appalachian Trail.

If three wild months and 1,000 tortured miles on the Pacific Crest Trail isn't your speed, here's a lovely walk for you. Around Benedict's Pond. About the same size as Walden Pond, but not nearly so famous. Connects with the Appalachian Trail.
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Meat & Potatoes. By any name.

You could call this Shepherd's Pie. You could call it hachis Parmentier. Or you could call it leftovers. A Meat & Potato Pie that's the best leftover dish of the season. For half the price of a Big Mac with fries.
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Tuscan-Fried Farmers Market

This has to be the easiest delicious thing to do with the season's bounty of root vegetables. All of them. At once. Sweet and earthy. Soft and hot inside, crisp and crunchy outside. A lot of vitamins A, B and C. Lots of dietary fiber. Low Glycemic Load. Your winter go-to dish.
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Longevity: The Gift That Keeps Giving

The evidence is overwhelming. Regular walking and running is closely associated with longer, healthier lives. So how do you help somebody start a good habit? Heck, how do you get yourself to start doing it? I have some thoughts and gifts for you.
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Better Cheaper Slimmer: Guts and Butts

Here's a 15-minute exercise routine that gives you strength and aerobic benefits while it burns calories and prepares you for extended aerobic exercise and optimal belly fat burning. Work your Way up to this, gradually and comfortably. Simple indoor exercises. No equipment required.
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Exercise made easy. And very relaxing.

Great trails - in living color and full motion. HD, too. Really moving pictures. 30-second previews of the 30-minute videos that make 30 minutes on an exercise machine fly by in no time. I don't want to jump the gun here, but for 99 cents these are a screaming good deal of a Christmas gift.
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