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Stronger Monday: Keeping the resolution

Because it's good to be a little stronger. So it's easier to pick up packages and climb mountains. And because I made a resolution to help you find the easiest Ways to feel better and stronger every day. Not like Arnold. Just stronger than you are now.
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Slower Sunday: Both sides now.

I know I shouldn't get too close to the edge up here. But that's where the view is. You don't really get to see down the canyon unless you go over to the edge. Press Play. Have a slowly exciting Sunday.
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Banana Curry Fish. My Rainforest Fave.

Less than 50 cents per serving for the spectacularly delicious banana curry. Intensely flavorful and the butter makes it feel luxurious in your mouth. The lime is bright. The mustard adds a little heat. What a mouthful. And that's before you get to the fish.
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Osa to Matapalos: Rainforest to Beach

From Howler Monkeys to screamin' surfers in one hour. Now that's extreme biodiversity. No electricity, no phones. But more flora and fauna species per square mile than you can imagine.
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The good, the bad and the ramen

Ingredient cost for a week's worth of pungent and deeply delicious Asian sauce base: about $3. Make it in 5 minutes. Use it for the next five days with noodle soup, stir fry, fish, meat and egg dishes. A vegetable-filled ramen for $2/person. A week's worth of superior dinners for $15/person.
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This cheap never looked this good.

Polenta-Portobello Pizza. For a beautiful dish, this has to be the easiest, quickest, cheapest thing going. Delicious, too. Whole grain corn and a big, meaty mushroom. Required skills: stirring, slicing. Not much of either.
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Rainforest Diet, Part 2. A Math Lesson.

Eat delicious stuff that's heavy on fruits, vegetables and whole grains, bigger on fish than meat and very low in processed industrial foods - and have plenty of room for great snacks and desserts! Click for a few really healthy, tasty Costa Rican-inspired treats.
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Flexible Monday: Keeping the resolution.

Because flexible muscles make everything easier and less tiring. Lifting packages, bending over to tie your shoes or running to catch a bus. Because my New Year resolution is to help you find the easiest Ways to feel Better every day.
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Banana Cream Pizza Pie

A deliriously delicious dessert for four or brunch for two - for less than $2. Sweet with zero added sugar. If you've been resisting home-making pizza - or banana cream pies - I hope this one'll push you over the edge.
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