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The Countdown: No Headache Head Start

A head start on your New Year resolutions: blow your own bubbles and stop drinking high-priced, high-calorie, high Glycemic Load soda. Make this sparkling, tasty Champagne look-alike. Cut down on your bubbly alcohol consumption before the countdown. n
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New Year Resolution #1: Better in Bed

Probably slept late this morning, huh? So this might be a good time to think about sleep. More than 75% of us think poor sleep causes health problems. More than 25% of us report being frequently too sleep-deprived to have sex. I think this calls for a resolution.
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Slower Sunday: A Lost Tradition

Why did we humans ever stop doing this? Until a couple of years a go, I never even tried it. I don't think my parents ever did. I'm really not sure if my grandparents did. C'mon, the day is young. Give it a try.
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The Year On The Trail: 2019

I'm in awe of the these places. Acutely aware of just briefly passing through. Really appreciative to be able to do just that here in 2018
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Mac & Cheeses. Four of them.

For maximum deliciousness, lusciousness and satisfaction. Totally deep, cheesy flavor. You could serve this for Christmas and everyone would be merry. This is craft mac & cheese. Handcrafted by you. Amazingly great.
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Slower Christmas Day: Wondering

December 25, 2019. Even if you haven't been dreaming of it, you can Press Play for a minute of walking in a winter wonderland. May your Christmas be merry, bright, warm and tasty.

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Best Last-Minute Gift: BCS Gift Subscription

Gotta be the healthiest $10 gift around. And it's on a 365-day time release. Cheaper than a card for our planet. In carbon footprint terms, a year of BCS costs the planet less than one Christmas card from Hallmark and the Post Office. Better Cheaper Slower.
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Homemade Cookie Gift of the Year

They're irresistible. They're deeply delicious. They're light. They're amazingly good for you. They're Dark Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers. Who wouldn't want a few of these? How can they be so healthy they're ideal for breakfast? Read on. Then preheat your oven.
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Christmas Time Travel

All aboard for that trip back to childhood. Take a minute. Press Play to see why it's worth making time to time travel.
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