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The Year On The Trail: 2019

I'm in awe of the these places. Acutely aware of just briefly passing through. Really appreciative to be able to do just that here in 2018
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Lifetime Guarantee for Your Feet

I spend as much time as possible on my feet. Out on the trail, in on the treadmill, back and forth to the grocery store. I don't count steps, but I know that every step you take ... lands on one of your feet. So take care of them both.
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The Gift of The Great Indoors

Bring the great outdoors ... indoors. Make it easy - even enjoyable - to get some exercise. Replace boredom with stunning natural beauty. Turn tedium into relaxed exhilaration. For 99 cents.
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Underwear Under Your Tree

When you were a kid, you hated getting practical, everyday stuff for holiday gifts. Underwear? Are you kidding?

You're not a kid anymore. Get or give the gift of comfort and support. Undies, running shorts and swim trunks with the Ballpark Pouch. This has nothing to do with age or sagging. This is all about pure comfort.
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The Gift of Edible Fun

Pizza. The big cooking revelation. Watching flour and water become pizza dough. Watching pizza dough become a pizza crust. In your own oven. If I can do this, you and everyone you know can, too. And you probably don't know anybody who doesn't love pizza. It's Thoughtful Thursday, the first day of the always thoughtful BCS Gift Guide.
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Happy TrailsĀ® Demo

Subscribe to a Collection of five videos or to All Videos - dozens of them, with new ones added every month. Subscribe for a month or a year. Walk, run or cycle along beautiful trails. On the beach, up a…

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Take a vacation in a great place - while you're on your couch, on your treadmill or on the floor. Spectacular ridgelines, beaches, gardens, medieval hill towns and castles, city streets and parks. Beautiful videos that move you - and…

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