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Best & Cheapest Eats of 2015

Two of this year's big revelations in my kitchen were: sauces. Sauces that are deeply delicious and highly aromatic. Sauces that elevate simple ingredients to super satisfying main courses. One's cheap and easy. The other's free and easy. Here's to a tasty 2016 in your kitchen.
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Your Monday#52: Better Slower Cheapskate

I'm delighted to use the year's final Monday to pass on a great idea from a BCS subscriber, the self-described Better Slower Cheapskate. That person who came up with what might be the Better Cheaper Way for you to keep a New Year's resolution in 2016.
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The Walk That Ate Bethlehem

It always sounded like such a long Way to walk, Jerusalem to Bethlehem. I imagined vast stretches of desert. No roads. No signs. Just the star. No Google Maps to tell them the trek's just seven miles. I could do that on Christmas. You, too.
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Slower Sunday: All down here now

All of them. Nothing up there. At all. Doesn't matter that the weather's crazy warm for this time of year. Press Play. I think you'll get a kick out of this.
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Slower Sunday: For You

Take a minute to take a break from ... you. It's refreshing. Relaxing. Rejuvenating. Really. Just a minute. Just Press Play.
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The Gift of the Future

Totally free, totally clean, totally cool energy. The Little LED Lantern That Could. And the D.Light: a tiny, bright emergency backup system that charges your phone. Both spend the day sunbathing, converting and storing sunlight.
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Resources: Thought For Food

Eating's better than reading about eating. But you'll always eat good stuff - and never eat bad stuff - if you read and think about what these folks have been writing. My holiday guide to Michael Pollan, M.F.K. Fisher and Wendell Berry.
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