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The Best and Smartest: Soffrito

Soffrito, the Italian sauce base you make with carrot, celery and onion, is One of The Best and Smartest Ways to Spend 30 Minutes in the Kitchen. Make a week's worth of this stuff and eat Better for a week.
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Peach Upside Down Cake. You want it.

The last of this season's peaches could use a little heat to bring out the sweetness they're not getting from the sun on these shorter days. Here's a Way to make them Better. Takes about 10 minutes and $4 to prepare. Makes 8 -12 happy people.
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Chard’s Best Friends

A casserole for chard lovers and chard deniers. Kathy had seconds because she loves the flavors of the accomplices. Tomatoes. Feta cheese. Bacon. But this really is a chard casserole. Lots of chard. A very little bit of everything else. Just enough to distract the deniers.
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Escarole: Grown to Grill

A smoky, firm, crisp, bittersweet grilled salad to serve alongside or on top of a burger, steak, chicken or fish. Less than two minutes on a charcoal grill or in a smoking' hot cast iron pan. A day's worth of Vitamin A, a half-day of Vitamin C and a good dose of calcium and iron.
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Slower Sunday: Wallowing

You just lie here and it goes right by. Slowly. And slowly but surely, it takes your body heat right along with it.
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Farmer’s Parmigiana

Anything goes. Any fresh, flavorful vegetable. The more the merrier. Whatever comes in your CSA farm share. Whatever you find at the Farmers Market. This is a fantastic summer meal. The light, luscious, aromatic vegetarian dish of the month. Totally satisfying warm or cool.
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Moving Pictures: Kilimanjaro Video Diary

So many of you sent such kind and complimentary e-mails about Higher Than Ever, my Kilimanjaro diary Way, it got me thinking. If a picture's worth a thousand words, these 6 short video clips must deliver about 3 million words in less than 2 minutes. One clip from each day of the climb.
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Tomato-Polenta Dome

A whole-grain cornmeal layer cake with ultra-fresh and juicy tomatoes and onions between the layers. When you want a little more than olive oil, a few flakes of salt and a leaf or two of basil with your summer tomatoes.
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Breaking News on the Cole Slaw Front

Aioli Cabbage Salad. Don't call it cole slaw. 20 cents and 83 calories for a big serving of a lightly dressed salad that happens to use a very rich, luscious dressing. Fresh, crunchy, creamy, pungent. Way Better than any cole slaw you can buy.
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