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Better Cheaper Warmer Gifts

Here's a little yarn about a real breakthrough in ... yarn. Merino wool garments that are just Better than the stuff I've always been happy to wear in cold weather. Cheaper, too. Thin, fine, stretchy and light. Unusually smooth and supple. Really comfy. Amazingly warm.
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Parmigiano Stock: Free and Easy

Really, really tasty, too. If you like cheese you have to try this. Don't throw away those cheese rinds! Simmer them in water for a couple of hours. Then use your stock to prepare anything that goes with grated parmigiano.Double your pleasure.
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Bonus Edition

Wearable technology that's very cool. Very useful. Very good looking, comfortable and weather-protective, too. And it might save your life. Or the life of someone you love who’s getting this as a Christmas gift from you. This is NOT a wristband.
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Potato-Leek-Gruyere Gratin. More cheese.

Delicious and beautiful. 50 cents per serving. If a gratin sounds like something you shouldn't try at home by yourself, the sound's deceiving. Click. Seeing and tasting is believing.
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Celery Root Soup

These powerfully flavorful and aromatic celery root knobs are still turning up at Farmers Markets everywhere. Seasonally abundant and cheap. Smooth and light in this addictive soup that's wonderful hot or chilled. Make a big batch.
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Deacon’s Sweet Potato Crisps

Shockingly delicious. Crisp and crunchy. Just one ingredient. Sweet potatoes. No oil. A small handful of calories per handful. No salt unless you want to add it. Less than ten minutes of your time to make a batch.
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Apple-Pear Ceviche. Tuna optional.

The Fall fruit harvest quickly transformed to a sweet and spicy salad. An intensely flavorful Way to lighten up a rich meal. Or to build a light, refreshing one. Less than $1 per huge serving.
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Spiced Cauliflower Soup. Find a big pot.

50 cents for a very big bowlful of very big flavor and your daily Vitamin C requirement. Sweet, pure cauliflower laced with warm, exotic spices. Body-satisfying but light. A perfect dish to add to your cool weather diet. Find your biggest pot and make a week's worth.
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Celeri Remoulade. Or Celery Root Salad.

A classic combination of the crisp, crunchy and aromatic with the slick and luscious. Great with your boeuf bourguignon. And amazing with hot dogs. Takes the place of cole slaw and sauerkraut. Make it in 10 minutes.
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