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Your Monday #18: Thrill your shoulders

Let's start the week loose. Comfortable. Flexible. Because flexible muscles make everything easier and less tiring. Today's Way'll relax and stretch your shoulder and upper back muscles. Make them feel and function better.
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Your Monday #17: 1 minute for your neck

Even if you exercise vigorously for an hour daily, too much sitting the rest of the day significantly increases your risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity. So when you're in front of your TV or computer, do this for a minute, every hour or two.
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Easy Hiking & Eating on the Oregon Coast

Easy to find a great hike here. Seems like the entire coastline is preserved, maintained and public. And very, very beautiful. Two, three or four hours on the Cape Sebastian Trail. 1,200 - 1,800 calories burned. Four to seven miles; depends where you decide to turn around.
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Your Monday #16: A Stronger Back

Good news: all you need is frequent exercise to maintain muscle strength and mass. At any age. Like all fourth-Mondays-of-the-month this year, today comes with a simple, one-minute Way to increase your strength. This month: your back.
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Angels Landing: The Wonder

I celebrated National Parks Week a little early this year. I started in Zion National Park. Just before sunrise, on the banks of the Virgin River in southern Utah. Ended up on Angels Landing. It's a wonder you can actually get there. And it's wonderful when you do.
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Walk & Eat The Lobster Tail Trails

Maine's Acadia National Park has dozens of scenic trails with wonderful ocean, mountain, bay and island views. And that luscious lobster roll has less than a third of the calories you burned on your Way up and down Sargent Mountain.
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When humans walked the Earth every Day

It's Earth Day. Get back to where you once belonged. On your feet. We've been walking upright for a few million years. It's how we got places. Your highly evolved body still expects you to be walking everywhere. So many Ways.
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The Point of Observation: Seeing Zion

From Observation Point in Zion National Park, you almost sense geological time. You see how a meandering river spent ten million years cutting through thousands of feet of sandstone and limestone. Carving the contours of massive geological features.
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Seven Mile Hole

The Yellowstone hike that has it all. Cliffs and mountainsides. Meadows where you expect to see bison. Forests. Wide-open moonscapes with bubbling, steaming geothermal pots. Wildly colorful canyon walls. And the view from the bottom of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River. Right alongside the great rushing river.
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