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Moving Monday: 1 minute for your calves

Even if you exercise vigorously for 1 hour every day, too much sitting the rest of the day significantly increases your risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity. So when you're in front of your TV or computer, stand up and do this for a minute.
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Dogs, Weight Loss & Stress Reduction

Yes, a dog might be the best personal trainer. And the best medicine. Could be a dog you borrow from a neighbor. Could even be a dog on video. Click and stay with me - this gets interesting.
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To the summit of Mt. Timpanogos

Five hours to the top. Four hours back down. Breathtaking views and heavy breathing. This is a thrilling hike if you're in shape for it. If you're not, this mountain's a fantastic reason to get in shape. Click for photos of views you'd never forget.
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Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem Dry Bones

OK, the toe bone's connected to the foot bone and the foot bone's connected to the leg bone. But the health of each and every bone is connected to how you eat and exercise. It's Monday, so let's consider the exercise part. Tomorrow we'll move on to the eating part.
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3 Lakes. 6 Miles. 1 Sunset. Peak.

And 4 hikes. All along the Catherine Pass Trail in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah, 35 miles from Salt Lake City. From short and easy to longer and tougher, each Way comes with spectacular views, air you want to breathe and a perfect spot for a picnic.
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Forward Motion: Top 5 Reasons To Run

Live six years longer with your Better brain, skin, knees and holiday feasts. Really. Look, feel and think better. And eat more, if you must. And Happy Birthday to Bruce Springsteen who turns 73 this week. Tramps like us ...
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Guys with hot flashes

And expanding guts. You may have heard about the study that examined the separate effects of decreasing testosterone levels and decreasing estrogen levels in men. Yes, we all have both of those hormones. And they affect muscle mass and abdominal fat in all of us.
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Slower Sunday: Walkin’ the dogs

Want get into a good walking habit? Get a dog or two. Great companions, great trail guides. Improves your cardio- vascular health and reduces stress, too. Lab-tested.
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100 Wineries a Day: Hike Mt. St. Helena

Maybe more. Because from the summit of Mt. St. Helena in Calistoga, California, USA, you can see the entire Napa Valley, the Alexander Valley and beyond to the High Sierra and San Francisco. An invigorating, self-righteous, guilt-free Way to start a day in California's wine country.
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