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80 Ways: Real, Safe Diet Soda

Doesn't come in a can or bottle. Because the artificial sweeteners in there won't help you lose weight. They may lead to weight gain and diabetes, stroke or dementia. If you're a diet soda user, I'll give you a bunch of good news solutions after I explain the latest bad news.
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80 Ways: Horchata. A Vegan Milk Shake.

Looks and feels like milk. It's lactose-free and gluten-free. Tastes like a glass of thick, frothy milk with a peanut butter cookie built in. In South America, it's a traditional, refreshing and delicious beverage. You should know about this.
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80 Ways: Soda Pop. Better and Cheaper.

80 recipes based on traditional healthy cuisines around the globe. Today, it's a Way to tasty, refreshing, bubbly beverages made the way humans made them just before Coke and Pepsi persuaded folks to drink high Glycemic Load colas.
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80 Ways: Wine with dinner

A glass might be a healthy addition to every dinner. Because wine has a Glycemic Load of zero. And its mild acidity appears to lower the Glycemic Load of the meal itself. By slowing down your metabolism of the carbs you eat in between sips. Cheers!
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Pop. Punch. Soup.

Ginger Punch. Goes Three Ways. A delicious soda; just squirt in some sparkling water. Cold fruit soup - a great first course or dessert. Or a delicious non-alcoholic punch, though you could do something about the alcohol and make a fourth Way.
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4 degrees, -18 windchill. Hot Lemon?

That's the question at breakfast every morning ... if you're in Nepal. If you're in North America this week, it's the answer. Easily habit-forming. Great for recharging your immune system. A very good habit at this time of year.
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The Countdown: No Headache Head Start

A head start on your New Year resolutions: blow your own bubbles and stop drinking high-priced, high-calorie, high Glycemic Load soda. Make this sparkling, tasty Champagne look-alike. Cut down on your bubbly alcohol consumption before the countdown. n
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The Soft Drink for Thanksgiving

If red wine goes with your Thanksgiving dinner, so does this unsweetened, non-alcoholic, deeply flavored soda. Better Cheaper Slimmer Grape Soda Pop. It's actually kind of elegant. If alcohol's not the thing for you or a guest, this is the drink to serve. Cool for kids, too.
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Just Say Yes. But not too often.

If you drink moderately, you'll live longer and have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease than people who don't drink at all. Really? Yup. Here's my summary of a 20-year study. And my thoughts for the holiday party season: get together with friends and have a little something to drink.
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Apple-a-Day: Cider Two Ways

One day freezing. Next day balmy. Today: hot mulled cider. Tomorrow: spicy apple soda. It's terrific. Make your own soda. Dramatically improve your health. Save money. Save planetary wear and tear with something sweet, spicy and mellow.
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