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Chocolate Banana Split Soda. Wow

Deeply flavorful, thoroughly refreshing and, yes, kinda sweet soda with a fraction of the sugar calories you'd get in a can of Coke. A low Glycemic Load soda where most of the sweetness comes from banana, not high fructose corn syrup.
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What We Can Learn from Ginger Ale

You can make a glass of intensely flavorful, thoroughly refreshing and, yes, kinda sweet soda with a fraction of the sugar calories you'd get in a can or bottle of Coke or another industrial soda. This is the gateway homemade soda pop.
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Irish Soda. No Bread. Pop.

Green soda. Way Better than green beer. Delicious. Five minutes to make a batch that'll keep in the fridge for five days. Just squirt in some sparkling water whenever you want a glass of soda. Make your own. Improve your health. Save money and planetary wear and tear.
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Double Hot Chocolate

Have a cup of this rich, intensely delicious, spicy hot chocolate that's a low-calorie adult beverage with a Mexican accent. Super fragrant. A viscous, tongue-coating texture without milk or cream. And very healthy.
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The Gift of Sparkle

Sparkling water. Blow-your-own-bubbles for Better Cheaper seltzer and soda pop. The gift that improves health, saves money and prevents planetary wear and tear. Not bad for something that costs $67 and fits under the smallest Christmas tree.
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Grow your own wine … substitute

Like a very good wine, it's refreshing. It's not sweet. If you were a wine taster-writer, you'd say it has citrus and herbal notes. Just slightly minty. A little flowery. A little earthy. A lovely pale golden color. Hey, I'm not kidding.
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Slow Balls for your Pitcher. Of sangria.

Slow to lose their cool. In your pitcher or your glass. Where your sangria is Slower to lose its fruit flavor. Slower to intoxicate you on a hot day. It's all in the ice balls. Or cubes. Fresh frozen fruit juice and zest.
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Adult Soda with Fish: Lemon-Basil-Mint

What to drink with a nice dinner when you don't want alcohol. No red wine. No white wine. No beer. Just something with a lot of good, interesting flavor. Something you sip very slowly. A great pairing with fish or shellfish. Or veal or chicken. Cheers!
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Seasonal Soda: Strawberry-Rhubarb Pop

Back in the BCS Soda Lab again. Looking for a delicious all-natural soda with no sodium and no added sugar. Here it is. If your only requirement is big, bright, refreshing flavor, this one's for you, too.
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