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Think In Years

Because most things happen in years. Let's say you're carrying around an extra 10 or 20 pounds. Probably didn't pick that up last week. Probably worked on it for years. Think you might be alive a year from today? Good. You have a whole year to do something about it.
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First Morning Polenta Pizza

New Year's Number One reason to have leftover polenta in the fridge: breakfast. Whether you're feeling leftover or good as new, this is a wonderful winter meal. Rich and comforting. Not heavy. Great way to start the New Year.
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Hot Lemon?

That's the question at breakfast every morning ... if you're in Nepal. It's the hot morning beverage you drink with everything. It's really hot lemon and honey. Maybe ginger. No tea. Easily habit-forming. A very good habit at this time of year.
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Psychedelic Polenta

If you and polenta are new to each other, let me tell you that it's one of the great comfort foods. It's remarkably nutritious, cheap and versatile. When you make this very hands-on version, you do it for both the great flavor and the cool experience.
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Don’t Just Sit There. Knees up. Both.

Even if you exercise vigorously for an hour every day - too much sitting significantly increases your risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity. So when you're in front of your TV or computer, do this for a minute every hour or two.
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Slower Sunday: In your mind

The Day After. Nothing could be farther from your mind than the top of Grand Teton. Even the bottom is out of sight, out of mind. Even if you're right here and the summit's in sight, it's only here in your mind. Well, here it is. Take a minute. Press Play and get out for a minute.
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Slower Christmas Card

Fire. The original Better Cheaper Slower energy technology. Keeps you warm. Cooks your food. For free. Don't have your own? Borrow mine. How's that for 21st century? Bookmark a fireplace and click back anytime. Just Press Play. Light a fire. Merry Christmas.
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Wise Men Walking

It always sounded like such a long way to walk, Jerusalem to Bethlehem. I imagined vast stretches of desert. No roads. No signs. Just the star. No Google Maps to tell them the trek's just seven miles. Nothing to sneeze at, but ... I could do that on Christmas Eve. You, too.n
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Seven Fishes Finale: Olive Oil-Poaching

A great way to cook fish indoors. Totally flavorful and moist; not at all oily. Great finale for The Feast of Seven Fishes. See my minute-by-minute, play-by-play cooking schedule for the whole shindig. You can do it all with two hands in four hours or less.
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Seven Fishes: Salmon-Dill Vegetable Soup

Feeling good but not overfed? Good. Two savory courses left. This one's light. A palate refresher before the finale. A thoroughly aromatic dish. You can pretty much inhale this soup. The very fresh, lightly cooked salmon adds a few luxurious bites.
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