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Seven Fishes. The Feast.

I always thought the traditional Christmas Eve Feast of the Seven Fishes was a very cool idea for a festive meal. So this year I'm planning a very cool menu that you can easily knock off. A lot of it in advance. So your Christmas Eve day is a Slower Happier holiday.
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Ribollita. This’ll warm you up.

It's really cold here. So it's time to make ribollita, a deeply delicious and satisfying potful of Tuscan kale soup, something between a rich vegetable soup and a vegetable stew. A complete meal in a bowl.
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Is that a wreath or a pizza?

Pizza spends a few minutes in a really hot oven. So do kale chips. A match made in the oven. Cherry tomatoes for some fruitiness and acidity. Some holiday color and decor. The perfect Christmas pizza.
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Don’t Just Sit There

Even if you exercise vigorously for an hour - five times a week - too much sitting still significantly increases your risk of all the things you exercise to avoid. Cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity. So here's something good to do in front of the TV or computer.
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Slower Sunday: Looks complicated

Find some time to go out in the woods or into the park. Lie down on your back. Look up. Great Sunday activity. Press Play for the 60-second trailer. The full-length feature's showing right now in your neighborhood.
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Biscotti are for dunking

I'm not talking about sweet little nothings to dip into your espresso at the end of that romantic dinner in that cute little place you stumbled into in Rome. Though those are great, too. No, I'm talking about Whole Wheat Cheddar Biscotti. Seriously.
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The Sundance Skid

Want to burn 900 calories an hour? Snowshoe up a really steep mountain. Want to burn another 600? Snowshoe back down.
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Eat your beets: Tuscan-fried

I love beets. Everyone loves these beets. Even the ones who say, oh, I don't eat beets. To those people, you can say, yeah, but these are like the French fries version of beets. Actually, they're the Tuscan-fried version. Which is even better. And much easier to make.
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Stock tip

Don't throw away those bones and vegetable trimmings. Stick 'em in a pot with some water and let them simmer for a few hours. You end up with great soup or a great way to pump up risotto or farro or any other grain dish. Fragrant, deeply flavorful stock.
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Slower Sunday: Practice

My double-blooming irises actually had their second bloom this year, just in time for Thanksgiving. Spring blossoms in Fall. That got my attention. Hope it gets yours. Just for a minute. You know. Be here now. Right here. Right now. Nothing else. You and this iris. Good Slower practice on a Sunday.
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