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The Year In The Kitchen: 2014

Until I started cooking five years ago, I had one reaction to every great restaurant meal: don't try this at home by yourself. I've spent the last five years learning to try anything. These were my 2014 kitchen revelations. Each one turned out great on the first try.
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The Year on the Trail: 2014

A great year in wonderful places with wildly different end-of-the-trail destinations. Only one Way to get there. Put your best feet forward until you arrive at the jaw-dropping spot. Make the resolution: be in shape for more trails in 2015. Press Play for Persuasion.
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Slower Sunday: Sticky Fingers

I've always been a hands-on kinda guy, though this isn't always what I want all over my hands. But I do think this is what long weekends are for. What Slower Sundays are for.
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Your Holiday Pace

I'm gonna have a little more to walk off this week than usual. If that sounds like something you might do this holiday season, here's something you might like to know about the ideal walking-it-off pace. That "brisk" pace.
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The Gift: A Little Walking Music, please

Because it helps make my time on the treadmill fly by in no time. Whether I'm walking or running, I'm having more fun when I'm doing it with the Rolling Stones. And I'm having the most fun when my music sounds great. Here are the great Ways to great sound.
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The Gift Fit For A Walking. And a Winner

If knowledge is power, a fitness-tracking wristband should make one powerful gift. For yourself. And anybody else who's motivated by information. Like the winner of our Win-A-Fitness-Tracker Contest. Read the winning entry here.
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The Gift of Wonder

Wonderful bread. From your own oven. Makes you wonder why you never did this before. The no-kneading, easier-than-pie bake-your-own-bread kit. Perfect for anyone who never bakes but still has a sense of wonder. Or who just loves great bread.
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The Gift of Time

Time to eat Slower. Because you made dinner faster. Some kitchen tools that save me time. Time and again. Anyone who spends time in the kitchen would like to find one of these under their tree or in their stocking.
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The Gift of Knowledge

From people who really know. How to cook. Six great cookbooks for six very different reasons. For six very different people on your gift list.
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