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November 26, 2014. When you take one of the BCS Walks That Ate, I tell you how many calories you burn and consume along the Way. How, precisely, a spectacularly satisfying day results in a calorie deficit.

But when you’re out Walking and Eating off the beaten path, how do you know? How do you even know how far you’ve walked? The answer, my friend, could be glowing on your wrist. A cool little fitness tracker wristband that counts your steps and miles, then calculates your burned calories. Tell it how many calories you’re swallowing along the Way and it’ll tell you if you’re walking them all off.

And the contest winner is …
Danice. Who wants to wear her iFIT Active while she walks and eats her Way through Istanbul. Her contest entry really made me want to Walk this Way:

I want to walk through old Istanbul, starting at the Grand Bazaar with Cappuccino and Baklava, then the Hayia Sophia temple hearing the Muslim call to prayer, then Turkish Coffee at a nearby Cafe, then up the hill to the Topkapi palace followed by yogurt and leek soup in the garden at the Archaeological Museum. Now ready to cross the Golden Horn on the Galata Bridge for a fresh grilled fish sandwich just to the left (north) at the end of the bridge, then walk and shop all the way up Istiklal, stopping for Italian Gelato near the lowest tram stop and Turkish Delights near the top. No tram for us though, walking all the way to Taksim Square with the masses of humanity. Ducking off to a side street when it feels like dinner time for a traditional Turkish dinner, ideally outdooors, of several Mezze plates (marinated fish, eggplant salad, stuffed peppers, dolmas, beets, Turkish ravioli, etc.) and the main course: grilled fish, Turkish meatballs, chicken or steak kebab with a fresh green salad to accompany. More Turkish coffee or Cay (Chai) tea to top it off and walk home to sleep.” Yup. You win!

Of course, I’d be pretty happy to walk Portland, Oregon and grab one of those banh mi sandwiches at Lela’s Bistro with April. Not to mention a soul-and-stomach-warming hachis parmentier in Paris with Erika. And a “really good thick burger” with Alicia right here in New York. To everyone who entered: thank you! Now get out there and Walk & Eat. And maybe you’ll get an iFIT Active for Christmas.

The Gift of Self Knowledge
If knowledge is power, a fitness-tracking wristband should make one powerful gift. For yourself. And/or anybody else who’s motivated by information. Get the iFIT Active for $79. And click here to read my complete review of this fitness tracker and two others.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. And an appropriately long walk on Friday.

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