Turkey Mole. The sauce, not the animal.

  • November 20, 2019
Let's be clear: this is about turkey in one of the world's great sauces. It has nothing to do with the small, burrowing animal. In fact, the sauce is vegan. And it may be the richest, most explosively flavorful sauce you'll ever have. In Mexico, it elevates turkey to greatness.
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Veal-Ricotta Meatballs

  • November 19, 2019
The best meatballs I've ever had. The ricotta cheese keeps them light and airy. The finely ground veal and grated parmigiano make them deeply flavorful. Less than $5 for a very large serving, including spaghetti and sauce.
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Healthy Lifestyle Overcomes Bad Genes

  • November 18, 2019
News Flash! Really. Even if you're genetically predisposed to coronary artery diseases, a healthy lifestyle can reduce your susceptibility by 50%. Yup. Just by eating and exercising well and not smoking. Click for the conclusions of the study that will be published later today.
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