Flexible Monday: Cross & Bend

  • February 18, 2019
Let's start the week loose. Comfortable. Flexible. Because flexible muscles make everything easier and less tiring. Today's Way'll relax and stretch your neck, shoulders, back and hips. Make them feel and function better.
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Slower Sunday: Singleminded

  • February 17, 2019
I think this'll get your full attention. Really clear your mind for a Slower Sunday. Press Play and watch a hive mind at work. A nest mind. A single mind, with many bodies. Then relax, knowing that so many are taking care of business while you rest.
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Chicken Pot Pie. Redeemed.

  • February 16, 2019
Nothing like the frozen stuff you remember from your childhood. Everything Chicken Pot Pie always wanted to be. The perfect steaming hot dish on a still-cold late winter night. Shockingly delicious. Call it something else if that makes you feel better.
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