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The Year on the Sidwewalk: 2016

When I looked down between my feet, I realized I was stepping on stones that humans have been stepping on for about a thousand years. Because this year I found myself in medieval towns in Italy, Spain and Portugal. Mine was another pair of feet adding its tiny amount of wear and tear. But these stones should be good for at least another thousand New Years.
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Boxing Day. Take the gloves off.

The good news: no more shopping, choosing and wrapping. So let's box - without gloves. Without a ring. No opponent. But with a lot of the exercise benefits of the real deal. C'mon, you could use this after yesterday's bout of eating.
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The BCS Gift Guide: Comfort for the 99%

Just to be clear, I'm talking about 99% of the time. Not the 1% of the time you really pay attention to comfort because you know there's the possibility of extreme discomfort. This is what you want on your feet 99% of the time.
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Resources: Cookbooks

From people who really know. How to cook. Great cookbooks from six writers and cooks who are among the greatest. For six very different reasons. For six very different people on your gift list.
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Faster Sunday: This is amazing

I have seen the future. And it doesn't stop to buffer. The Portal WiFi Router actually cranks up the speed of your home WiFi network by a factor of three or more. Seriously, 3X faster downloads, uploads and video streams. Let me explain.
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Warm, soft, flexible, light. Perfect.

The Way you'd like to be. The Way you'd like your partner to be. Alas, nobody's perfect. But, now, everybody can have a perfect winter jacket. The most comfortably flexible, stretchy cold weather jacket I've ever worn. Perfect for high-intensity cold weather activity. And walking the dog.
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Yogurt Helper: Concord Grape Edition

About 3 cents to transform 6 ounces of plain yogurt to fragrant, flavorful Concord Grape Yogurt. A perfect balance of sweet and tart. No added sugar. Low glycemic load. The flashback familiarity of 1950s grape jelly. The Way you want to start your day.
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Collards & Chorizo. Stewed. On Polenta.

A body- and soul-warming meal that cooks itself. Soothing and satisfying at the same time it's intensely flavorful. Sweet, sour, smoky, mellow. A day's worth of Vitamin C, two of Vitamin A and a week of Vitamin K. Eat your collards, kids.
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Slower Sunday: Standing on Ceremony

Sometimes you find moments of glory in the least expected of places. Could be right at your feet. You just have to look. Down. Press Play for a mercifully final Olympic moment.
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