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November 26, 2016. The Way you’d like to be. The Way you’d like your partner to be. Alas, nobody’s perfect. But, now, everybody can have a perfect winter jacket.

It’s called the Kooshin and it’s made by the exceptionally talented and hip folks at TREW. Last year, I told you about their remarkable NuYarn “base layer” garments. Wear after wear, they continue to be great.

Now I want to tell you about their equally great insulated outerwear jacket, the Kooshin. It’s the most comfortably flexible, stretchy cold weather jacket I’ve ever worn. Perfect for high-intensity cold weather activity. Keeps you seriously warm – but it’s so breathable you don’t overheat. Equally great for low-intensity activity; this is now my go-to for dog walks.

I thought you’d want to know. Because the more comfortable you are in uncomfortable weather, the more likely you are to get out there and get some exercise. Or at least go another quarter-mile with the dog.

As always, I field-tested this for you. Wore it while I was shooting Treadmill Trails video in March in the high desert of Arches National Park. 28 degrees at the trail head while I waited for sunrise to light up the red rock. Then I started moving. Fast. Non-stop for three miles. No sweat. Just warmth. In a jacket so light and flexible I really didn’t feel it.

Temperature rises quick out in the desert. Nearly 60 degrees by the time I strolled back to the trail head. Never had to stop to take the jacket off.

Full Disclosure
I met a couple of guys from TREW. They were in from Hood River, Oregon to show and promote their products. I heard the pitch. I was skeptical. But they’re really good guys – and they’re clearly dedicated to making superior products and selling them at great prices. They sell exclusively from their web site. No 50% – 100% retail markup.

They sent me my Kooshin to try out. I didn’t buy it. But if I didn’t already have it, I’d buy one now. I’m really happy for these guys. They’re making great stuff and selling it for Way better than fair prices.

Superior and Cheaper
Not cheap. But significantly less than the stuff that I used to think of as comparable. The Kooshin jacket is priced at $199, a hundred or two less than you’d pay at retail for the other top-level brands. Check out the men’s version or the women’s on their web site. There are many, many more styles and categories. Everything imaginable for snow sports and more.

Why the Kooshin is so great
Stretch-woven ripstop shell fabric
Breathable and stretchy insulation
Stretch-woven inner lining
Strategic quilting keeps insulation
in place
Zip handwarmer pockets
Zip chest pocket
High draft-cutting collar
Hidden elastic cuffs

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