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Take a 30-minute vacation on your treadmill, bike, elliptical or step deck. Or right on the living room floor – no treadmill required. Walk, run or cycle along beautiful trails in Hawaii, in National Parks, big cities, ancient hill towns. On the beach, up a mountain, across a canyon.

99 cents for each 30-minute video. Yours forever. On your phone or tablet. Preview and download some right now in the free Treadmill Trails app.

Start your music. Start your trail. Start moving. Forward. In a great place. Happy Trails!

Watch some of the previews right here:

calls Treadmill Trails an “App Every Runner Should Know About”. Here’s why it’s the only indoor running app to make the list.
22 great trail videos, with 2 new ones added each month. Watch your trail video while you listen to music you choose from your own library or listen to the videos’ narrated rhythm soundtracks. The trails are shot with a Steadicam from start-to-finish for a smooth run, walk or ride.”

You can e-mail me here.

More than 150 Trails Available Now
New trails every month
FREE 30-minute Sampler
Alhambra Gardens (Granada, Spain)
Amphitheater Lake (Grand Teton)
Angels Landing (Zion Canyon)
Appalachian Trail (upstate New York)
Beach Walk Wake-Up (Kauai)
Peek-A-Boo Loop (Bryce Canyon)
Big Sur (California Coast)
Alakai Swamp (Kauai Highlands)
California Coastal Bluff (Sonoma Coast)
Camino de Santiago/St. James Way
Central Park, Springtime (New York)
Central Park, Autumn Colors (NYC)
Confluence Overlook (Canyonlands)
Cool Alpine Winter Wonderland (Utah)
Cruz de Castillo (Rioja, Spain)
Delicate Arch (Arches Nat’l Park)
Devil’s Garden (Arches Nat’l Park)
Domes of Yosemite (Sierra Nevadas)
Fairyland Loop Trail (Bryce Canyon)
Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim
Grinnell Glacier
Canyonlands Confluence Overlook
Waimea Canyon (Kauai)
Madrid Royal Botanical Garden Walk
Mid-Mountain Trail in Snow (Utah)
Hanakapiai Falls (Kauai)
Skyline Wilderness (Napa Valley, CA)
Mt. Kilimanjaro (Tanzania)
Hudson River Park (New York)
Kalalau Trail (Kauai)
Lab-Tested: 3 Retrievers on the Trail
Scaling Castle Walls (Marvao, Portugal)
Mont Blanc (French, Italian & Swiss Alps)
Montone, Medieval Hill Town (Italy)
Nualolo Ridge (Kauai)
Observation Point (Zion Canyon)
Rocca d’Aries Castle (Umbria, Italy)
Ronda, Trail of Two Cities (Spain)
Safari Trail (Tanzania National Parks)
San Francisco Hills (California, USA)
Shipwreck Beach (Hawaii)
Sonoma Mountain (California)
Sunset Peak, Wasatch Mountains
Tohickon Gorge Trail (Pennsylvania)
Bradley & Taggart Lakes (Grand Teton)
West Rim Trail (Zion Canyon)
White Pine Lake (Wasatch Mtns. Utah)

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How Treadmill Trails works

Buy a Trail Video
Go to the app’s “Trail Store” tab. Read a very short description or watch a 30-second preview of each 30-minute Trail video. Touch “Buy for $.99” and a video will be on its way to your device.

Start your music. Start your trail. Start moving.
Go to the app’s “My Music” to choose your own library’s music to hear while you move. Press Play.

Go to “My Trails”. Select one of the trail videos you purchased. Press Play.

Now you have your music and our video. Turn on your treadmill, your bike or your elliptical. Start moving.

Music Options
You can play your own music from your own music library. Like you always do when you’re on your exercise machine. Go to the app’s “My Music” tab and set the switch to “My Music”. Now go to My Music where you can choose your own soundtrack. Listen to an album, shuffle songs, select an artist.

Or set the switch to “Trail Narration and Happy Trails Rhythm Section” to hear the Trail video’s soundtrack. Drums and bass make it easy to move your feet while I play Trail Guide.

Managing your Trails and Device Memory
Each 30-minute Trail video takes about 900 MB of memory on your phone or tablet. If you run out of memory space and need to make more available for new Trails, you can temporarily delete an old Trail.

Go to “Trail Store”. You’ll see a list of the Trail videos you purchased. Touch “Delete” next to a trail you’re ready to retire. The video file will be deleted from your device, but its Name remains on your My Trails list with a “Restore” button. When you want it back, touch “Restore” to download it to your device. It’s already yours, so you don’t have to purchase it again.

You’ll probably want a lot of Treadmill Trails. Just “Delete” and “Restore” to manage what’s on your device. We think this is way better than streaming them: when you’re ready to move, you don’t want to wait for your internet connection to deliver. FYI: I add new Trail Videos every month.

Download Times
Depending on the speed of your WiFi connection, each Trail should download in 3 – 10 minutes. NOTE: Because the video files are large, you must download with a WiFi connection. You can expect problems if you download Trails with a cellular connection only.

If you have questions or download problems, you can
e-mail me here.

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