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Sex, drugs and exercise. Feel no pain.

This is not about doping or gender-testing at the Olympics. No, this could be about ... you. Today's quiz question: What do they have in common. Wait, wait ... don't tell me. Time's up. Click for more good reasons and Ways to exercise.
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Slower Sunday: Out of the shadows

We usually think of them as background, the supporting cast, the backup singers. I think it's time for a little cloud appreciation, don't you? Press Play. Let your mind wander before you answer that. Happy Sunday.
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Living Room Olympics: Your 16 Minutes

For Olympians, it's 16 days every four years. For us: how about 16 minutes every day? Improve your balance and flexibility. Get stronger. And burn 100 calories every day. That's enough to keep most of us from gaining weight. Forever.
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Slower Sunday: Uneven

They're from a very small country. No big, fancy training facilities. No sponsorships. But like athletes everywhere, they just want the opportunity to compete. To show their stuff. Press Play for the big moment.
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The Walk That Ate The London Games

It's always been a great walking city. Four years ago, it was a great running, jumping, swimming and swinging city. Of course, they ran the 26.2-mile marathon here. In a little over 2 hours. If we start today, we'll beat them all. Let the Walking & Eating Begin!
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Slower Sunday: An Olympic Moment

If you had to make the choice, would you root for Michael Phelps or the tortoise? Think about that. Slowly. This is your training program for Olympics viewing. Press Play for inspiration.
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Treadmill Trails. The App.

You can e-mail me here. Take a 30-minute vacation on your treadmill, bike, elliptical or step deck. Or right on the living room floor - no treadmill required. Walk, run or cycle along beautiful trails in Hawaii, in National Parks,…

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Stronger Monday: A minute for your hips

If you want to increase your leg strength before you start a jogging or running program, today's Hip Flexion is a great Way. It'll strengthen your hip flexors and your quadriceps. Before you ask them to go the extra mile on the treadmill or out on the street. No weight machine necessary. Just a featherweight resistance tube.
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Slower Sunday: Seeing stars

Look! Up in the sky? No! Down on the sidewalk! Is it a Mouse? Is it an alien? No! It's ... your favorite. Somewhere down there. Just keep walking and watching.
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