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The Year On The Trail: 2018

I'm in awe of the these places. Acutely aware of just briefly passing through. Really appreciative to be able to do just that here in 2018
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The BCS Gift Guide for 2018

Just to be clear, I'm talking about 99% of the time. Not the 1% of the time you really pay attention to comfort because you know there's the possibility of extreme discomfort. This is what you want on your feet 99% of the time.
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The Gift of Space. And Time. Travel.

Great space-savers when it's time to pack for the next trip. And when you know you can save space, you save time. No worries. All peace of mind. They don't even take much space in that stocking.
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The Eyes Have It Now. The Gift of Vision.

Complete and convenient protection. So get out there! In the sun. But protect your eyes. This summer, I got totally hooked on these sunglasses. They automatically darken and lighten as the sun's brightness increases and decreases. Bet you'd like to find these in your stocking.
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The Gift of Warm Feet

Toasty toes in bitter cold weather. Really, who doesn't want that? Here it is. The Ways to go, indoors and outdoors.
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The Gift of Balance

For someone you love. Someone who loves you back and appreciates your genuine concern for their well-being. Someone who likes to stand on their own two feet. Somebody who could benefit from some balance training. On a Balance Board.
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The Gift of Revelation

Pizza. The big cooking revelation. Watching flour and water become pizza dough. Watching pizza dough become a pizza crust. In your own oven. If I can do this, you and everyone you know can, too. And you probably don't know anybody who doesn't love pizza. It's Thoughtful Thursday, the first day of the always thoughtful BCS Gift Guide.
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Slower Sunday: The Best Were Free

Not just Better and Cheaper. Best and Free. Volcanoes, geysers, hoodoos and domes. Priceless. Press Play for one minute of wonder. Happy National Parks Week.
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The End of Egg Foo-ey. Let’s Celebrate

So now it's OK to eat eggs, dietary cholesterol and all. Let's celebrate that and Chinese New Year. With Egg Foo Yung. A perfect meal in a pan. A few minutes of chopping, stirring and tending. One suspenseful second of flipping.
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