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The classic roast beef accompaniment for Christmas, when they go by the name Yorkshire Pudding. Either Way, popovers manage to be amazingly light, rich and easy to make.
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Meat Splurge: Rib Roast for Christmas

If it's meat that makes you merry, 'tis the season. For that over-the-top prime rib roast. Deeply delicious. A sight to behold. A time to practice moderation. Watch that portion size. And maybe go for a run.
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Slower Sunday: Beat It

This is a pretty great thing to do on Sunday morning. Pretty great even if you're just into watching. Press Play. Happy Sunday.
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The Cookies Santa Really Wants

Here are some tried-and-true cookies and crackers that are always perfect with a glass of milk. Or a little whipped cream. Now dash away, dash away and start baking.
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The Walk That Ate Bananas

While it's still possible, eat one before your morning walk. At the Kona Coffee and Fruit Garden, you can get a pretty good cup of coffee with it. And walk down Lower Napoopoo Road to Kealakekua Bay to swim with the spinner dolphins spiraling in and out of the water. Just for fun.
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Brussels sprouts: glazed, smoky, timely

Just in time for today: National Maple Syrup Day. And just in time for holiday feasting. A spectacularly flavorful green cruciferous vegetable dish for your Christmas spread. A little sweetness from maple syrup and cider. A shot of smoky, salty and rich from smoked bacon or ham.
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The BCS Gift Guide for 2018

Just to be clear, I'm talking about 99% of the time. Not the 1% of the time you really pay attention to comfort because you know there's the possibility of extreme discomfort. This is what you want on your feet 99% of the time.
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Rooting for Winter Ratatouille

I should have done this sooner. Very delicious, cheap and easy. Somewhere between a warm salad and a vegetable stew. A winter version of something I love all summer. A meal in itself. Or a light, bright, lively and warm course that goes with everything.
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Your Monday #49: The Gift of Strength

Better Cheaper Stronger for $26. A set of resistance tubes that weighs next to nothing and takes up next to no space. They let you "weight train" without weights. Perfect for anybody who can't stand lifting weights. Like me.
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