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Back to BCS Basics: Poaching Chicken

Less than five minutes of preparation to get an exceptionally tender, flavorful and aromatic chicken. The chicken, some herbs and your stove do the rest. Then you eat. Tender, moist, delicious. Way to be.
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Chicken-Coconut Soup, sweetly spiced

A bright, refreshing but very warm party in your mouth. No signs of Spring where I live, so I'm making soup this week. Starting with this south by southeast Asian Chicken-Coconut Soup. Inhale. All the Way. You won't get stoned, but you'll be transported.
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Your Monday #8: Strengthen The Flip Side

Good news: all you need is frequent exercise to maintain muscle strength and mass. At any age. Like all fourth-Mondays-of-the-month this year, today comes with a simple, three-minute Way to increase your strength. This month: your triceps, the flip side of your biceps.
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Slower Sunday: Not Too Bright

Not dark. Just right. This is what you want to see when you open your eyes. You hear the surf, you stumble out of bed, you feel the sand between your toes. You give your eyes a minute to adjust. C'mon. Press Play. Give 'em a minute. This minute.
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No-Sodium Soda Pop: Banana-Strawberry

Back in the BCS Soda Lab again. Looking for a delicious all-natural soda with no sodium and no added sugar. And a lot of potassium. Here it is. If your only requirement is great flavor, this one's for you, too.
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The Walk That Ate Vancouver

Take one long walk in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and you'll know why it's always high on the lists of most livable cities. Mile after mile of beautiful, accessible waterfront. Mountain views all around. A huge, forest-like park at the end of town. And good eating all across town.
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Always seasonal, aromatic and delicious

A Spinach Tart for a rich but light lunch, brunch or dinner. Bright and herbaceous. Aromatic and delicious. More than a day's worth of Vitamin A and a load of Vitamin C. A great reward for very little preparation.
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Short Rib Shortcakes: Leftover Guilt

Spectacularly luscious. The quick flash of guilt was a too-good-to-be-true moment. But your mouth doesn't lie. There it is. Truth on your tongue. Click just to see the photo. Unless you're a vegetarian, you want to take a bite out of your screen.
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Your Monday #7: Tightrope Walking

A 3-minute exercise to strengthen and train the muscles you use to stay on your feet. A dynamic balance exercise. It's not as goofy or easy as it looks. A little like tightrope-walking. No rope, no net. You can do it right on the floor.
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