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Walks I Walked. And Ate. In 2012.

I read some great books and saw some terrific movies this year. But when I think about these twelve months, I think more about the awesome places I went. On foot. And great meals I walked to and from. Press Play for the highlights.
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12th Way of Christmas: Light It Up

The original Better Cheaper Slower energy technology. Keeps you warm. Cooks your food. Entertains you. Don't have your own fire? Borrow mine. Just Press Play. Merry Christmas.
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11th Way of Christmas: Eat A Wreath

Whip up this delicious, nutritious holiday pizza and wow yourself, your friends and your family. A killer pizza for $2.50. For the whole thing, not a slice. Doubles as a holiday sight gag. And a 10-second centerpiece.
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9th Way of Christmas: It’s a snap!

Possibly the world's greatest ginger snap. If you're passing around a cookie plate after dinner, this is what you want on it. If you want to give a gift of homemade cookies, these are the ones you want to give. 3 minutes to make the dough.
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8th Way of Christmas: Walking Wisely

It always sounded like such a long Way to walk, Jerusalem to Bethlehem. I imagined vast stretches of desert. No roads. No signs. Just the star. But my Google Map shows it's just 7 miles. I could do that on Christmas Eve. So can you.
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6th Way of Christmas: Feast of 7 Veggies

Not just for vegetarians and vegans. For everyone looking for deeply delicious vegetable - and fruit - dishes to cook, share and eat. Dishes to serve "family style". On a day that's all about passing it around. Feast for less than $10 per person.
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5th Way of Christmas: 5 Little Piggies

Five Festive Ways to celebrate savory, smoky ham and bacon. Each one of these family style dishes makes the case for eating less meat and enjoying it more. Lots of whole grains and vegetables with a lot of flavor from a little pork. Pass it around.
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4th Way of Christmas: All together now

After all the holiday social eating, it's time for social exercising. Be sharp. Be together. Eat together. Walk together. Improve your memory. Live longer. Bees do it. Rodents do it. Now you really have to click, dontcha?
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3rd Way of Christmas: Air Freshener

When the holiday hustle and bustle threatens peace on your piece of the earth, here's a soothing Way out. A warm, fragrant Way. Deck the halls, fill the air. Press Play for the recipe.
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