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December 23, 2012. All aboard for that trip back to childhood. If you’re anywhere near New York, you should get yourself to the New York Botanical Garden‘s Holiday Train Show. Running smoothly until January 13. If you’re nowhere near here, well, get yourself to one near you. Press Play to see why it’s worth making time to time travel.

And find a train station a little closer to home. Here are a few of the wonderful little botanical worlds created by Paul Busse’s Applied Imagination.

Atlanta Botanical Garden

Lauritzen Gardens, Omaha, NE

United States Botanic Garden, Washington, D.C.

Chicago Botanic Garden

Longwood Gardens, Kennet, PA

Krohn Conservatory, Cincinnati, OH

Morris Arboretum, Philadelphia, PA

Bellagio Conservatory, Las Vegas

Museum of Life + Science, Durham, NC

Royal Botanical Gardens, Toronto, ON

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