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2nd Way of Christmas: Go Fish

Seven delicious courses to savor, marvel at and talk about. Pass 'em around. Family Style. The handoff. The social interaction. A feast to share. You can pull this off. With ease. For less than $20 per person.
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1st Way of Christmas: Pass it, please

Everyone inhales deeply while the polenta's being passed. They gasping in awe, maybe drool, when the platter of osso buco comes around. Family Style. The handoff. The social interaction. A meal to share. Easy and foolproof to prepare.
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Pizza Upgrade. Just add patience.

Get a pizza crust that looks, feels and tastes like one that came out of a real pizza oven. Soft, chewy and partly charred around the edge. Thin and crisp in the center. From your own little kitchen oven.
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Price of Popping Corn

This might be the ultimate Better Cheaper Slower snack. Do-It-Yourself popcorn. I don't mean just pop-it-yourself. I mean dry it, scrape it and pop it yourself. Couldn't be fresher. Or better-tasting. Couldn't be cheaper. Couldn't be more fun.
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The Gift of the Exotic

Exotic aromas. Exotic flavors. Excited tongues. Delighted taste buds. These spice blends are godsends for anyone who wants to eat more fruits and vegetables. $24'll get you three blends that breathe new life and fire into anything you cook.
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Bird watching

They don't make them like this anymore. And we don't see them like this anymore. Not much, anyway. But I think you'll like it if you give it a try. Just ninety seconds. Press Play. Watch Slowly. Carefully.
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Born To Walk. And Hunt & Gather.

Hunter-gatherers in Tanzania walk many miles per day. But they expend just slightly more energy than sedentary modern Westerners. What's that about? Practice. The good habit of walking and exercising. Every day. The more you do it, the easier it is to do everything.n
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Happy Trails. Hike like a mountain goat.

I've seen mountain goats move easily in very precarious places. Without hiking boots or walking sticks. I've been envious. I lost my old goat envy when I found my new hiking shoes. They make you very sure-footed. You should know about these.
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Slower Sunday: Like Riding a Bike

You never forget how to do it. Maybe you haven't done it for years. Maybe decades. But once you take the first step, you know you've still got it. Press Play for the refresher course. Then go find some leaves.
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