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Rosemary-Garlic-Potato Pizza

There are dozens of regional versions of potato pizza in Italy. So it's strange that you never see it here in the U.S. Especially when potatoes are one of the few "seasonal" vegetables available. Not just a great $2 pizza. A great pizza, period.
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Before you know it, it’s time to plant.

Time for your inner farmer. Time to decide what you're planting and growing this Spring. And time to make the big mid-Winter decision. Start from seed? Or wait for a jump-started little plant from the local nursery or Farmers Market?
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Don’t Just Sit There: Shoulder Stretch

Even if you exercise vigorously for an hour every day - too much sitting significantly increases your risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity. So when you're in front of your TV or computer, do this - or something like it - for a minute, every hour or two.
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Tomato Swirl Cornbread

Could be winter's solution to the corn and tomato problem. When you can't get the sweet, fresh stuff, use the sweet preserved stuff. Great versions of cornmeal and canned tomatoes.
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Wide-eyed in Waimea

Kauai's Waimea Canyon is one of the reasons you want to be a good walker. It's worth getting in shape for. There's only one Way in and out of here. And it's on your feet. It's a part of that spectacular world that's for hikers only. Join the club.
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Ham & Cheese-Stuffed Pizza

An outside-in pizza. A pizza sandwich. Use your hands or a fork and knife. A great prosciutto-mozzarella-parmigiano pizza for $2. Delicious. Easy to make. Easy to handle. Perfect for a party. Way to be.
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The Walk That Ate Quebec City

If it's not cold enough where you live, give Quebec City a try. Right now or next month during Winter Carnival. 4 hours and 10 miles to burn more than 1,000 calories. More than you'll consume in a half-day tour of the monuments, bistros and bakeries.
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Cauliflower & Olive Pizza

This classic flavor combination on a pizza crust is a perfect example of Better being Cheaper. Not just a great $2 pizza. A great pizza, period.
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Hoppin’ Gianni. New Year’s Rice & Beans

In South Carolina, USA, they eat a lot of Hoppin' John this week. Rice and black-eyed peas. Brings good luck for the New Year. In this version, American Southern cooking meets Italian cuisine. I feel lucky already.
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