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Naked Exercise #9: Bridge-Ups

Stripped down. No equipment. No exercise balls, no balance boards, no weights. Not just Better and Cheaper. Better and Free. Strengthen your shoulders. Your lower back. Your abdominal muscles. Press Play.
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Slower Sunday: Hang Time

I'm thinking about being a grape. Just hanging out in the late summer sun. Getting ready to be a drop or two in a great glass of wine. Is that too ambitious for a Sunday?
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Celebrate National Coffee Day

A great old-fashion breakfast in a new package: eggs, milk, butter, flour and coffee dressed up as Espresso Pudding Cake. Have your coffee and eat it, too. Have some for dinner dessert. Wake up tomorrow and have some more for National Coffee Day breakfast.
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A Mediterranean Diet and Walk: Èze

Easy to eat well. Not as easy to walk up the mountain to this medieval village overlooking the Mediterranean. A serious climb from Sea level to a place pronounced "ezz". You'll burn more good, healthy calories than you swallow on this Walk.
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Chard: creamy, aromatic. Really? Really.

Super creamy. Garlic-scented. Earthier, deeper, darker than spinach. Mellow, not bitter. A luscious vegetable dish with a near zero Glycemic Load and enough Vitamins A, C and K to make this a high-powered natural nutritional supplement.
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Broccoli Shock. Roman-style awe.

Maybe the best Way to cook broccoli and every other cool weather vegetable. The Way they do it in Rome. On the border between tender and crisp. Enriched by olive oil, brightened by lemon. Perfumed by garlic, charged by chile. 10 minutes to prepare greatness.
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Onion Soup your mouth’ll thank you for

So satisfying and so easy. Truly luscious. Make this soon. The weather's cooling and farmers everywhere are pulling their onions. A few minutes of stirring and you'll have the happiest mouth in town.
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Naked Exercise #8: Swimming

Stripped down. No equipment. Swimming without a pool. Without water. But with a lot of the exercise benefits of real swimming. Just you and the floor. Great for strengthening your lower back. Not just Better and Cheaper. Better and Free.
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Have your peach and eat it, too. Chutney

30 minutes today gives your tongue months of pleasure. Starting 30 minutes from now. C'mon, a few minutes of slicing and chopping + 10 minutes of stirring = Peach Chutney all Fall and Winter. Bright, sweet, tart, spicy and mellow. All at once.
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