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Over easy. Many-Vegetable Frittata

The most beautiful and delicious way to use everything in the vegetable drawer that'll spoil if you don't do something soon. Cook the eggs real slow. Low temperature. They'll be light, soft. Moist, not wet. Almost souffle-like.
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Killer couches. Murderous desk chairs.

Can't blame them. Sure, they might be really comfortable. Inviting. But it's not their fault. It's you. The sitter. Sitting for hours at a time reduces your metabolic rate and makes you a more likely candidate for obesity and diabetes. Here's an easy solution to the problem.
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Morocco on your plate

But not for long. Even skeptics join the Clean Plate Club after this one. Moroccan Orange & Olive Salad. Amazingly delicious flavor combination, maybe an addictive one. I could eat this once or twice a week.
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4 Muddy Boots on a 4-Wheel Drive Trail

8 miles in 5 or 6 hours in the rainforest. 3,000' of elevation gain. 3,000 calories burned. Want more? Take the waterfall detour. Right up the middle of the shallow but rocky stream. Check my big 3D Google Map for the turnoff. If you're already here,the extra cost for all this nature and exercise = zero.
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Sauce on the bottom: Pasta Giardiniera

Not a recipe. A technique. A really simple, basic one that makes every pasta dish superior. Try this next time it's pasta time at your house. Better, richer flavor for any sauce you use. For no extra cost and just two extra minutes of your time.
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Rice & Beans in Nepal

Daal bhaat tarkari: lentils, rice, curried vegetables. The staple meal of Nepal and much of India. Fragrant curry and Better Cheaper protein. An easy and delicious way into the flavor and health benefits of beans and grains.
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Pulled Pork with Second-Hand Smoke

You have to try this. It's amazingly delicious and ridiculously easy. Tastes and smells like great barbecue. Melts in your mouth. Kathy says it's "awesome" - and she doesn't usually eat stuff like this or use words like that. You won't believe how I made this.
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Great Balls of Exercise: Front Raises

Strengthen your shoulder, arm and chest muscles by squeezing this really big exercise ball between your hands. And raising it above your head. Use your core, back and leg muscles, to balance while you're top-heavy. Strengthen many muscles at once. Very time-efficient.
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