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Have your peach and eat it, too. Chutney

30 minutes today gives your tongue months of pleasure. Starting 30 minutes from now. C'mon, a few minutes of slicing and chopping + 10 minutes of stirring = Peach Chutney all Fall and Winter. Bright, sweet, tart, spicy and mellow. All at once.
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Istanbul: Big walk, small plates

A one-day walking and eating tour through seventeen centuries at the border of Europe and Asia and the Middle East. See and eat the former Constantinople's greatest hits and burn more calories than you consume. A calorie-free taste of the town.
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80 Ways: Tagine: Moroccan Chicken Stew

Easy and exotic. Even when you use a big old regular pot on your stove instead of the traditional terra cotta cooker. It's the spices. They turn a simple stovetop stew into a wildly fragrant cool-weather feast.n
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Farmers Market Gratin

A luscious, impressive vegetable course featuring some of the season's greatest hits. You'll be amazed you made it yourself. Easily. If you love these vegetables, you'll love them even more. If you're a cauliflower and/or broccoli denier, this'll convert you to a lover.
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Warm Red Salad: Cabbage & Apple

A two-ingredient, savory-sweet, fragrant and almost luscious vegetable-fruit dish that's a perfect flavor combination right now. While the seasonal ingredients are ripe, just-picked, abundant and cheap. Too good and too easy not to try.
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Naked Exercise #7: Skating

Stripped down. No equipment. No skates. No ice. Great for lower body strength and muscle tone. And a terrific balance exercise, too. Not just Better and Cheaper. Better and Free. All you need's a floor.
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Hiking, stair-climbing and calcium.

You have to see and climb it to believe it. Dorr Mountain's East Face Trail: thousands of stairs carved into solid granite. Straight staircases. Switchback staircases. Spiral staircases. Steep ones. Slippery when wet. Build strong bones.
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