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Moving Monday: The Year On The Trail

Three spectacular places to walk your Way to health and happiness in the New Year. Press Play. Then make a resolution. Or three. Happy New Year. Happy trails.
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Slower Sunday: The Year in Slow Motion

Pretty much anywhere out there'll do the trick. You don't have to watch waves breaking on some exotic shore. Don't even have to watch clouds float across the sky. You just watch where you're going. So even when your feet walk briskly, you're in slow motion.
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White Christmas Card

Even if you haven't been dreaming of it, you can Press Play for a minute of a white wonderland. May your Christmas be merry, bright, warm and tasty.
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The Gift of Awe

In the presence of honest-to-goodness, awesome nature. Vast, beautiful expanses of it. Places that make you feel deeply grateful to be alive on this planet. Places you can only get to on foot. So here are some gifts to encourage and enable someone you love to get there.
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The Gift of Massage

When yesterday's hike turns into today's muscle knots, give yourself a massage with this 3-in-1 Massage Roller. Looks kinky, but it's a great Way to work out the kinks. Always available. Never needs an appointment. Tipping's optional.
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The Gift of Growing

Fresh herbs. They take so little. They give so much. Whether you're a veteran herb gardener or you can't remember the last time you touched actual soil, you should do this for yourself or someone you love. Because the growing is as good as the eating. And the eating's great.
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The Gift of Fresh

Fresh you. Refreshed you. Fresh legs. Fresh, hydrated everything when you're on a long walk or hike. The gift that makes it so easy and convenient to take a sip of water before you need it.
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Roasted Pear-Maple Syrup Pudding Cake

Just in case its name doesn't say it all, let me tell you how thoroughly delicious this really is. Perfectly pure pear flavor, intensified by quick roasting. The deeply dark version of sweet from pure maple syrup. Big, mouth-filling flavor. Amazingly light but luxurious and rich.
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Mexican-Italian Pizza

A crisp-soft-firm-gooey "pizza" with all the flavors. Sweet, tart, nutty, earthy, creamy, mildly spicy. Wildly aromatic. 14 ounces of a great thing with just 310 calories and a Glycemic Load of 14. Gluten-free. This is a great meal.
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