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December 6, 2013. Fresh you. Refreshed you. Fresh legs. Fresh, hydrated everything when you’re on a long walk or hike. The gift that makes it so easy and convenient to take a sip of water. Before you need it.

The thing you want on your back when you’re on foot for a few miles. A CamelBak backpack. With a built-in water reservoir. And a sipping tube that’s always just a few inches from your lips. With a “bite valve” that never leaks.

I’ve worn mine for twelve years and a lot of miles. To the top of Half Dome. To the edge of the Na’pali Coast. Along miles of The Great Wall. And The Appalachian Trail. I wear it when I’m training for these hikes on my treadmill.

Because one hour of serious sweating depletes about one quart of water. If you don’t replenish and refresh, it’s tough making it through the whole hike. My Camelback lets me pack enough to stay hydrated through a full day of hiking and sweating. The most important thing I take on my hikes.

It also lets me avoid expensive, environmentally unfriendly bottled water. Filter, fill up and carry your own.

Check out these handy 50-ounce ($40) and 100-ounce ($90) packs and this kid’s 1-liter Pack ($37).

Something smaller for a shorter walk: I use CamelBak‘s BPA-free bottle ($12) with that cool and highly functional bite valve.

Separate zippered compartments for food. To make the water a little more interesting.

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