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Old hippies look both ways.
Backward and Forward

December 31, 2020. OK, we got some of the details wrong, but we were onto something. Love wasn't really all you need, but look how important you think it is now. Pretty important, ya think? Look at the health data…

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Chips to Celebrate

'Tis the season for handheld snacks. Sometime between now and the end of New Year's Day, you're gonna eat some chips. So let's think about making Better Cheaper Chips. Chips that taste better. Chips that are actually healthy foods, not junk.
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Warm, soft, sweet. Low GL. Last Call.

Molten Chocolate Cake. The last course of the last meal of the year. Out with a bang. A warm, soft semi-sweet one with a super-low glycemic load. Spectacular in your mouth, with or without Champagne.
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Slower Resolutions

Slower resolutions. Think about years. Think about a year ago. If you started then, you'd be there now. Wherever your there is. So take this next year to do something you'd really like to do. No rush.
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Pass the party, please

A cheese that puts the party in dinner party. A tradition that combines sitting around a fire with sharing and passing around good food. What more could you want for New Year's Eve?
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Both Ways

It's always so hard. Finding the right card. Winter White? Or warm? Couldn't decide. So when I came in from the cold, I went for both. Press Play. Take a deep breath with me. Have a wonderful day.
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A Creature Was Stirring

And all through the house, noses were twitching and even my spouse thought this smelled so great she wanted to stir, too. Press Play and grab a spoon. Have some fun in the kitchen.
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Eat A Wreath

Whip up this delicious, nutritious holiday pizza and wow yourself, your friends and your family. A killer pizza for $2.50. For the whole thing, not a slice. Doubles as a holiday sight gag. And a 10-second centerpiece.
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Seven Vegetables: A Holiday Feast

Not just for vegetarians and vegans. For everyone looking for deeply delicious vegetable - and fruit - dishes to cook, share and eat. Dishes to serve "family style". On a day that's all about passing it around. Even if it's to fewer hands this year. Feast for less than $10 per person.
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