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Slower Sunday: By The Brook

While the leaves are still on the trees, every little place in the forest seems so private. Just add water for a soundtrack. Good day for a walk in the woods near some water. Great by yourself. Great with someone else. Here's a start. Just Press Play.
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Labor of Love

Move. As much as you can, as fast as you can, for as long as you can. No more. No less. Sweat. Breathe very deeply. It makes you feel good. It's not hard labor.
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Happy feet

I'm really not into telling you what to wear on your feet or any other body part. But I've had such a good experience with these strange new running shoes I thought I should let you know. Because I know you'll exercise more when it feels good.
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Hiking the Tetons. Next stop Yellowstone

This is one of those hikes that makes your day. Makes your vacation. Makes IMAX look like a postcard. Ten miles out and back. Six thousand feet up and down. 4,000 calories burned. A great full day.
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Ratatouille Time

When you get eggplant, peppers, squash, fennel, scallions and tomatoes in one week's CSA farm share, it's time to make ratatouille. And when these hot-weather vegetables ripen at once, make a huge pot to refrigerate and enjoy cold for the rest of the week.
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Slower Sunday: Beauty Treatment

For your eyes only. Not the lids. Not the lashes or the brows. Or the little wrinkles in the corners. Just your eyes. The windows to your soul. If they're really windows, they work both ways. So let this in. It must be good for your soul. It's beautiful.n
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Chill your mouth: Mint-Melon Popsicles

Get a really ripe melon. So sweet you won't even think about adding sugar. Not even to offset the cool of the mint and the kick of the ginger. A truly sweet and wonderfully refreshing Way to end a meal on a hot day.
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Keep the tape measure. Toss the scale.

It's about your waist, not your weight. Your height-to-waist ratio is a much better indicator of your health than your height-to-weight ratio (BMI). Keep your waist circumference to less than half your height. Or you'll be at significantly higher risk for high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attacks and strokes.
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Revival Eating: Gazpacho Popsicles

When the temperature outside is 95 F, put one of these inside your mouth and lower your body temperature to complete comfort in one minute flat. A convenient, frozen, hand-held soup and salad on a stick. Great for parties.
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Garden Watch: Summer Solstice 2012

On the first day of summer, my first raspberry turned true red. Tiny green tomatoes are hanging everywhere. The beanstalk's outgrown its trellis. The cucumber's not far behind.
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