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Jog. Live 6 years longer. Really.

This just in: Regular jogging shows dramatic increase in life expectancy. I thought you'd want to know. How regular? 1 or 2 hours per week. How fast? Slower. "Slow" or "moderate" paces produce the greatest increase in longevity.
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Slower Sunday: Surprise

They're hard to see when they first pop up. But once they pop, they grow up very, very fast. From an 8-inch spear to a four-foot stalk in two days. Spring's half-gone, summer's coming. Gotta pay attention, every day, to everything else that's growing up.
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Let’s Do Your Math. Advanced Class.

Actually, let's let a computer at the National Institutes of Health do the math for you. Plug in your age, weight, height and a few other things. Press Play. A second later, you have the answer: Slower. So what's the question?
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Cheap Thrills. Gluten-Free. Pizza.

$1 for your half of this crisp-edged, soft-centered sweet corn polenta crust with bright, sharp-sweet spring leeks, briny olives and rich, gooey fresh mozzarella.
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Free Breakfast: Leftover of the Week

Two turnovers from two leftovers. Hot, flaky, luscious apple turnovers. From a little leftover pie crust dough and a few tablespoons of leftover apple-cinnamon puree. And less than five minutes of your time.
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The Walk That Ate Chocolate Brussels without sprouts

Brussels, Belgium just might be the best place in the world to enjoy all the health benefits of chocolate. More than 500 chocolatiers make this beautiful walking city a perfect place to burn more calories than you sample in a 10-mile Walk.
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Slower Sunday: Pretty Pink

Actually very, very pink. So pink that, for a minute, there's no room for anything else. Very refreshing. There's a lot of this pink stuff going around right now. If I were you, I'd go out and find some today. Press Play for a minute of mine. Seeing is believing.
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Cinco de Mayo: New World Polenta Pizza

This year I'm celebrating with a Pepper Polenta Pizza. Sweet corn. Sweet and hot peppers. The indigenous ingredients of the Americas. 150 years after the first May 5 celebration, it's still just two dollars for a great meal.
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Lean Back

Strengthen your abdominal and lower back muscles. And your hamstrings and quadriceps. And glutes and thighs. All in less than a minute a day.
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