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April 29, 2018. UPDATE: Today’s the last day of National Parks Week. Back in the good old days – before 2017 – admission was free to all our Parks for the whole week. Now, just one day is free. Yup, the Republicans cut the National Parks budget, too. Their first step toward “privatizing” them. Selling them off.

But for now, our National Parks are still the ultimate Better Cheaper deal. Volcanoes, geysers, hoodoos and domes. Priceless. Buy a one-week pass and it’s $5/day for a carload of you. Stuff five in the car and it’s a dollar a day per person. Best deal on the planet.

Enjoy your Parks fully. And carefully. Because only you can prevent forest fires. Really. Smokey the Bear got laid off.

Happy National Parks Week.

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