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If your budget is $10, you get a lot of bangs for ten bucks with the Gift of Better Cheaper Slower. A New Way Every Day for a year. For $10. Let’s Do The Math: 2.7 cents per bang.

Here are some favorite things that take very little space. That save time. Or help create happy time. Buy them online to save your time – give yourself a Better Cheaper Slower holiday. If you see something you’d like to receive, feel free to forward this to a prospective giver. In the holiday spirit, this Way is for all, not just subscribers.

The Gift of Revelation

The Gift of Balance

The Gift of Sparkle

The Gift of Longevity

The Gift of Warm feet

The Gift of Transformational Growth

The Gift of Vision

The Gift of the Great Indoors

The Gift of Space. And Time. Travel

The Gift of Strength

The BCS Gift Subscription

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