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December 4, 2018. Toasty toes in bitter cold weather. Really, who doesn’t want that? Indoors and out.

Hasn’t really gotten bitter cold here yet. But you know how that goes. Doesn’t get cold until … it does. And when it does: What’s the first thing to go? Your toes. Then the rest of your feet.

Now there’s a cure. Thermacell Heated Insoles. Wireless and rechargeable. Seriously. I never thought I’d have a wireless remote control for my snow boots.

The batteries are removable – without removing the insoles. USB cable and plug-in charger included. When the temperature outside your boots is 8, these things’ ll make the temperature inside 98. Comfy body temperature – not hot and sweat-inducing. I can vouch for the temperature. Thermacell says you get 5 hours of comfort per battery charge.

The insoles are thin and flexible enough to put in your your snow boots. And the shoes you wear to walk the dog in weather that was not meant for dog-walking.

Thermacell Heated Insoles. $87 – $95 depending on size.

Built for Comfort
I am totally into comfort. During winter, I’m totally into warmth and comfort. So when I heard about K2’s Built For Comfort ski boots, I thought they might be the skier’s ultimate wish fulfillment. And they are.

From the first moment, they’re amazing. You just step right in. No struggling, no jamming your feet into what can feel like an imminent calf cramp or ankle injury. Nope. You just … step right in. So I was sold upon entry.

Then I was transported. My skis and K2 BFC boots were deep in powdery frozen water – my feet felt like they were at the beach. Your toes are happy. Your entire foot is happy. Your ankles are loose, flexible and strong. The wise, mature part of you says “caution”. Because you feel like maybe, just maybe, you can ski better than you actually can. But, wait. Turns out you actually can. I’m not suggesting you throw caution to the wind. I’m just saying’ that warm feet and ankles actually work better, more efficiently, more powerfully.

You dare to edge and angulate more than before. Because you’re much more likely to be on your toes when you can really feel your toes. The ease and comfort somehow translate to an enhanced sense of stability and balance. You trust your feet more – and they deserve your trust. K2 BFC Heat at Amazon. Take a ride:

Cost-Benefit Analysis
Ski boots are an investment, and these K2 BFC Heats provide maximum return.

You’ll get many years of use, scores or hundreds of ski days – so their $400 price may translate to less than $4/day. $4 that totally makes your day. A few dollars that make you forget about the prices of the lift ticket, the burger and fries and getting to and from the mountain.

$4 for an enhanced sense of stability and balance. And absolute comfort and warmth.

Train for skiing. Even if you don’t ski.

Warmth and Comfort Indoors
When it’s crazy cold out there, you’re probably mostly in here. Where it’s not crazy cold – but it’s not exactly toasty down at floor level. That’s when you slip into your Glerups. Say what?

These are the warmest, lightest, most comfortable slippers I’ve ever felt, seen or heard about. You slide your chilly bare feet into them and: Wham! Warm feet. In seconds. The extraordinary felt from which these things are formed is like a magic insulator. Or heat amplifier. No batteries here. Just the most amazing and efficient use of your own body heat. I love these things.

The folks who make them in Denmark have this great story about the special way they raise and comb their special sheep to make this special felt. It’s a really cute story. But the compelling story is simple: warmth and comfort.

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