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Walk & Eat in Super Bowl San Francisco

The perfectly balanced diet of champions: burn as many calories as you consume while you sightsee and taste the town. If you've never spent a whole day walking, well, think of it as a whole day of eating with beautiful walks in between meals.
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80 Ways: Hot, Hearty and Vegan in Nepal

80 recipes from traditional healthy cuisines around the world. Daal bhaat tarkari: lentils, rice, curried vegetables. The staple meal of Nepal and much of India. Fragrant curry and Better Cheaper protein.
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I’m Cookin’ in Brooklyn. You’re invited!

I have no idea what's on the menu. This is a contest. I get 30 minutes to turn a mystery box of vegetables into a winning dish. The only guarantee: it'll be fun and funny. Pretty good chance it'll be tasty.
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