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January 9, 2016. I have no idea what’s on the menu. This is a contest. I get 30 minutes to turn a mystery box of vegetables into a winning dish. The only guarantee: it’ll be fun and funny. Pretty good chance it’ll be tasty.

It’ll definitely be Wednesday, January 20 at 7p.

The CSA Smackdown is a fundraiser for Just Food, the organization responsible for the vibrant Community Supported Agriculture scene here in New York. My great buddy Matt Bean’ll be cooking with me as we represent the Yorkville CSA and try to smack down teams from all over the city.

Tickets are $25 here. The price of admission is a donation to Just Food. All proceeds will support Just Food’s work to grow the CSA movement in New York City and subsidize CSA shares for New Yorkers in need.

Your $25 also gets you a WhistlePig cocktail and a plethora of sustainable snacks. Be there or be square. Not to mention hungry and sober. This map gets you directions to the event at The Bell House, 149 7th Street, Brooklyn. I’m taking the subway.

Community Supported Agriculture
Brilliant in every way. You buy a share of a local farm’s produce. Once a week, you pick up your share: a variety of vegetables at their seasonal peak.

A local farm gets the guaranty of your, and your community’s, support. This removes economic risk and the cost and burden of marketing. The farmers get to spend their time farming. You get to eat their good work at a great insider price.

The food’s as fresh as it gets. You get a highly varied, diversified diet of real food. And you get to figure out how to cook a new batch of ingredients every week.

And everyone involved gets to be part of a genuine community. You meet your farmer; you meet your fellow supporters and neighbors.

Meet My Farmers

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