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November 30, 2016. Just to be clear, I’m talking about 99% of the time. Nearly all your time. Not the 1% of the time you really pay attention to comfort because you know there’s the possibility of extreme discomfort.

Like when I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. I did the research and the product testing to make sure my feet would be completely comfortable. Because that’s no place to run into discomfort. So I wore a pair of Altra Neoshell Lone Peak trail shoes. My feet were happy all the way to the summit and back.

So happy I was thinking I should wear them all the time. But let’s face it – you can’t always show up in trail shoes. However: 99% of the time, you can now walk or stroll in Altra’s Tokala shoes. They’re a lightweight, slip-on, respectable-looking canvas shoe built on Altra’s increasingly famous FootShape, Zero Drop platform. Completely comfortable. Surprisingly supportive. Beautifully balanced. And you can wear them to a really nice restaurant in New York without upsetting your wife. This is what you want on your feet 99% of the time. In fact, your wife probably wants a pair, too. The Altra Tokala for men and women. $89.95

The Sock for your Christmas Stocking: FITS
Hands down the most comfortable sock for your feet. Once again, I did the extreme field testing for you. Put these socks through their paces. Without a doubt the best-fitting, most supportive sock when you’re on the trail. So you won’t be surprised that they’re the best for the other 99% of the time.

I never thought much about socks – until they got holes or slipped around or fell down. But the folks at FITS have clearly thought a whole lot about socks. And come up with a design they were actually able to patent. It’s something about the heel. It just envelopes your heel and never lets go. It’s not tight – it just stays with you.

There’s extra cushioning in the heel, toe and arch. They manage moisture so your feet are always dry. They come in several styles: Light Hiker, Light Runner and Performance Trail. I can tell you this from experience: they all perform really well on a sidewalk, too. That other 99% of the time. $17 – $21.

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