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Stronger Monday: Your Inner Thighs

  • March 25, 2019
No equipment. No weights. Just you and your thighs against gravity. The easy Way to strengthen your adductor muscles. If you're not sure what or where they are, well, they're the ones you'll be feeling.
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The Walk That Ate Boulder

  • March 22, 2019
You see more walking, biking, jogging and hiking here than in any other town in the States. Trails right up into the foothills of the Rockies and back down to the other thing they do well here: eating. Perfect place to burn more calories than you consume during a day of sightseeing.
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Flexible Monday: Hug your knees

  • March 18, 2019
Let's start the week loose. Comfortable. Flexible. Because flexible muscles make everything easier and less tiring. Today's Way'll relax and stretch your lower back and hips. Make them feel and function better.
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The Walk That Ate Salt Lake City

  • March 15, 2019
Mountain hiking, city walking and city eating. All in a day. An 8-hour day, not counting restaurant and food truck stops. Burn Way more calories than you consume while you sightsee it all.
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Balanced Monday: Knees up. 1 at a time

  • March 11, 2019
A 3-minute exercise to strengthen the muscles you use to stay on your feet. To train them to react fast. So when you step onto an uneven, slippery or unstable surface that makes you to begin to lose your balance - you'll immediately regain it.
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Peek-A-Boo: Hiking another planet

  • March 8, 2019
New clinical research links awe to good health. If something's awesome enough to give you goose bumps, it's good for you. I just hiked Bryce Canyon National Park and got an overdose of awe. So let me share some with you.
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Moving Monday: 1 minute for your butt

  • March 4, 2019
Time for a 1-minute exercise you can do at home or at work. One example of something you should do once every hour or two. C'mon. Stand up. Flex those glutes and quadriceps muscles. Press Play to see the Way.
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A Walk Through Time

  • March 1, 2019
I was working on a "little things in the shadows of big things" Walk. But I got lost in the fourth dimension. Time. The subway stairs were the entrance to a huge archaeological dig. That led to the last bit of old growth forest in New York City. What a trip.
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The Walk That Ate Hollywood

  • February 22, 2019
No limo. No red carpet. All sidewalks and trails. This is the Hollywood Reality Walk. The coolest views. The best eats. Do the all-day, all-in Walk, burn 2,500 calories and deserve your own star on The Walk of Fame.
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