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December 3, 2019. When you were a kid, you hated getting practical, everyday stuff for holiday gifts. Underwear? Are you kidding? This is not why I was nice all year. I coulda been naughty.

That was then. This is now. You’re not a kid anymore. Get or give the gift of comfort and support.

SAXX undies with the Ballpark Pouch
This has nothing to do with age or sagging. This is all about comfort. A stretchy fabric that’s so light and thin you barely notice it’s there to provide support. It totally does its job without ever calling attention to itself. Super soft. Friction-free. Right where you want it to be.

I know that BCS is not where you might think to turn for underwear recommendations, but, really, who do you turn to? This kind of comfort isn’t usually a comfortable conversation subject. So this silent read is my gift to you or someone you love.

Running Shorts and Swim Trunks
I know you do turn to BCS for fitness and exercise tips. Well, turns out these supremely comfortable undies are also great as liners in running shorts and swim trunks. I run a few miles in the morning – 5 or 6 days a weeks. So I’ve had OK running shorts in the past. But, man, nothing like these. Total support and protection. A pair of their great underwear sewn into an extremely lightweight and loose outer pant. And the inner/under pant has long-ish legs that provide a some compression for improved circulation. If you run, you want these. It’s why women wear jog bras. No unwanted bouncing.

If you’re a swimmer, get these. I probably swim only 5 or 6 days a year. But these are the most comfortable and secure swim trunks I’ve ever had. Don’t go back into the water without them.

Yeah, they come in lots of other colors and patterns.

INactive Wear
While you’re at it, check out their “sleep” wear. At the risk of TMI: I don’t wear PJ’s, but these are the most comfortable hangin’-around-the-house lounge pants ever.

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