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Built For Comfort

I am totally into comfort. During winter, I'm totally into warmth and comfort. So when I heard about these new Built For Comfort ski boots, I thought they might be the skier's ultimate wish fulfillment. And they are. If you're even thinking about skiing, think about these.
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Chips to Celebrate

'Tis the season for handheld snacks. Sometime between now and the end of New Year's Day, you're gonna eat some chips. So let's think about making Better Cheaper Chips. Chips that taste better. Chips that are actually healthy foods, not junk.
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Seven Vegetables: A Holiday Feast

Not just for vegetarians and vegans. For everyone looking for deeply delicious vegetable - and fruit - dishes to cook, share and eat. Dishes to serve "family style". On a day that's all about passing it around. Feast for less than $10 per person.
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5 Little Piggies: The Feast

Five Festive Ways to celebrate savory, smoky pork, ham and bacon. Each one of these family style dishes makes the case for eating less meat and enjoying it more. Lots of whole grains and vegetables with a lot of flavor from a little pork. Pass it around.
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A human trapped inside the body of …

... a human. We're still human after all these years. So your body still expects to you to get up and move like your ancestors did for tens of thousands of years. If you don't, it's the age of overweight, obesity, diabetes, heart disease. Here's how to avoid that age.
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Feeding Santa & His Vegan Elves: Sushi

Quick and simple to make. Less than 15 cents per piece. Every bite's a little party in your mouth. Light, fun, interesting, beautiful. Almost fat-free. Want to come back as roasted vegetable sushi in your next life?
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The Walk That Ate Telluride

This place is so spectacularly beautiful you should eat your organic smoothies, tacos and ice cream outdoors. While you stare at the dramatically close mountains and waterfalls. if you came for the pot, you should stay for the walk.
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Feast of the Seven Fishes

I always thought the traditional Christmas Eve Feast of the Seven Fishes was a very cool idea for a festive meal. So this year I'm planning a very cool menu that you can easily knock off in two well-planned hours. So your Christmas Eve day will be a Slower Happier holiday.
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Bouillabaisse: Feast of 7 Fishes. 1 pan.

This turns out so spectacularly well you'll be amazed you made it yourself. It tastes and smells so ... complex. But its preparation isn't even slightly complicated - and it takes less than one hour, start to first mouthful. The first in a series of seriously festive holiday meals.
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