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May 8, 2015. A Better Slower Mother’s Day. Economical, too. Cheaper just doesn’t sound right.

You have five days to get this together. Be thoughtful. What do you think Mom would like most? Something to do? Something to eat? Something to use? Something to plant? Here are a few thoughts.

A Long, Slow Walk
Or a short, slow Walk. Or a brisk Walk. Instead of bringing flowers to Mom, you could bring Mom to flowers. Flowers nurtured by professionals in hundreds of Botanical Gardens in the United States and around the World. I’ll bet the Gift Shop sells flowering plants in pots if you want to take something home. Not sure? See what you think about this Walk in the Garden.

Turn the table. Then set it.
How many times has Mom cooked for you? How many times have you cooked for Mom? Hmmmm. Brunch? Easter Eggs Benedict is just as easy on Mother’s Day. And you’ll blow her mind if you make the English muffins yourself. Or if you make her a Chocolate Cherry Bread. Or a Chocolate Cherry Bread Pudding.

Green thumb?
If she has one or two, how about a small, colorful, sustainable Native American vegetable garden with a story. Less than $7 for the seeds: corn and beans grow up a trellis and tiny pumpkins cover the ground. For long-term soil fertility and a really healthy diet.

If she’s more of a flower person, check out this “butterfly garden“. Seeds for butterfly-attracting Zinnia, Cosmos, and Sunflowers. $8.75. Economical.

Green Light
I love this thing. It recycles sunlight. Looks like a traditional Japanese paper lantern. Its tiny solar panel powers its even tinier LED light bulb. Sun bathes by day, lights up by night. When its tiny photosensor says it’s getting dark outside. Less than $20 for this beautiful object lesson in clean energy. Too good to be true? Watch my video.

Have a Happy Mother’s Day.

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